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Thanks United Pre-Runners

Matt Kross

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As I prep my Superbuggy for the next CORR race, I always think about how much fun I had racing at ROR and the vision Jen and Greg had for the IE. In the past two years, I moved my racing team to Havasu, and went big time to race the last two CORR seasons. As Dave Ashley once told me, while racing at ROR, "enjoy what is going on now because when it gets serious it's hard to enjoy". After winning a race in CORR and spending bookoo bucks on racing, I have appriciated the fun we had in Rialto. I see Greg and Jen at all of the CORR races now and I think, they help me realize my dream. Next, I need to win a championship for all small time guys and the United Pre-Runners Team. Thanks for your commitment to the small people and I wear my t-shirt proud. Later, Fast Matt Kross- Super buggy #989
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Good post Matt!

My post on a recent ROR thread on DR:

steveG said:
Just a few days ago I was thinking about ROR and how much I enjoyed working the events. The more time goes by, the more I miss it. I hope Greg and Jen realize how BIG ROR was to a lot of people and just how much it, and Inland/United Prerunners, meant to us. Whether or not ROR makes a come back, Greg and Jen deserve applause and a thousand thank yous for taking on a such a burden... all to bring the off-road community together.
I truly believe Greg, Jen, ROR, Inland Prerunners and United Prerunners were pivotal in a lot of off-roader's lives. It blows me away to look back and remember what the "club" was in its infancy and what has spawned from it. Anyone remember when we were chatting on AOL?


because of Greg and Jen and the UP meetings at farmers boy I have made some of the best friends i could ask for. From there I helpped at RoR when Beldon flipped and made even more friends. Ahh the good ole days. Hopefully they will be back.



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Dan Vance is trying to get ROR going again. There's a thread on DR about it.


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Aw, thanks guys :)
The prerunner meets, the ROR, RDC, all of this changed our lives, too. We wouldn't be who we are or where we are today if it were not for the people we have met on this journey. I can't believe how many prerunners there are on the streets and in the desert today or that the prerunner class at MDR get the entries they do or that CORR is actually in California. So much has changed. I wouldn't trade being a part of this community for anything and knowing that the things we all worked together to make happen have had a positive impact on people's lives makes it so much sweeter.
Despite Dan's enthusiast post on DR and the many postive responses, there is no plan to get the ROR reopened. There were multiple factors that went into the decision to close the track and most of them are still there. We do hope to get some more events going once we get some things taken care of and in order. I don't know about a whole new facility, but there is a chance. At the very least we hope to utilize some existing venues. We have some stuff in our personal lives to take care of first, though, before working on any of that (namely, moving).
Thanks for your kind words, guys!
...Jen (and Greg, too!)