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Thanksgiving Trajedy


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If any of you have been involved in boat racing at all, then you have heard of the Parker Enduro. It has been held in Parker since the dawn of time (before the Parker 400), and was held once again this year. 2 different boat racers died this weekend in 2 different accidents, but one struck really close to home. A Parker local, by the name of Mike Hoban died in an accident today instantaneously. He races a Grand National boat, and was leading the season points when it happened I believe. He is a friend of my dads and I, along with most everyone else in Parker. Although he raced boats, he was a big fan of off road and the Parker 400, and was out at the race every year. He also had a wife and 2 young kids. So everyone remember, that in a split second everything can be taken away from you, and to be carefull.

"We've done so much with so little for so long, we can do anything with nothing!"


Sorry to hear that Jimmy. My uncle used to drag boat race and has lost a few friends. It really sucks even when we all know the risks. Godspeed!