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The 2016 Mint 400 Premieres October 8th on NBC via Redbull Signature Series!

Jorge Rodriguez

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I thought it was pretty good commentating. A lot better than others.

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It was not on at 11 PT time, I looked from 10:50 too 11:10-AM PT. will it be on AGAIN?
I was really hoping to watch it today, went qrocery shopping instead, when it didn't look like it was going to be on:eek:


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Great show - watched it on the 40 foot TV at work this morning. Excellent work to all those that contributed footage and of course those that ran a great race!!


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It was good to see all the bits we couldn't from the track - made the trip up from New Zealand this year to watch it (was on the bucket list). Some of the lower spec classes would have been nice to see but I can understand the focus considering the length of the video and the $$$ involved. However, how about a bit of a story on a VW/5/Trophylite type lower budget/family style etc next time about?
While I'm at it - thanks to Kilian for the info he provided before we came and to all the extremely welcoming locals and racers who were happy to shoot the I failed spelling about their cars and answer my stupid questions. :D


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Pro Tip: It always helps to use the correct pronunciation of the host state. At least the last two years both Sam and Diffey consistently pronounced it wrong. Diffey gets a pass because a) his furriner accent makes it sound like he mispronounces everything and b) I like him from watching Indycar and F1 for the last several years.

EDIT: BTW, excellent production again this year. Top quality stuff. Except for the whole mispronunciation of the host state thing....:p:D