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The Best Cordless Impact?


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Craftsman C3 is not even close to 200 ft lbs. I'd say its lucky to get to 125 ft lbs with the optional upgraded battery.
With a NiCad I'd say your lucky to get to 80 ft lbs!


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I have a bunch of Milwaukee cordless tools, including the impact, and they are all strong as hell. My new favorite tool is the one handed sawzall.


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I am big believer of the Milwaukee. I just took a stub axle nut off that I "torqued" with my IR 231 air gun...


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The relatively new Dewalt DCF889 cordless 1/2" impact with hog ring anvil is rated at 400 ft-lbs, whereas the older model Dewalt 1/2" was rated at 300 ft-lbs. The DCF889 has a durable magnesium gear case and all metal transmission. The Dewalt DCF889 is available as a bare tool for those already with 20V Max lithium ion batteries, with 1 battery, or with 2 batteries. I got the Dewalt DCF889M2 kit, with 2 4Ah batteries, a fast charger & so-so quality bag for $300. I find I actually use my much smaller, lighter, easier to handle Dewalt DCF883 3/8" impact with some smaller lighter 2Ah batteries I got in my drill/driver kit for most jobs, but that's only rated at 130 ft-lbs, so it's nice to have the larger, beefier Dewalt DCF889 for the more heavy duty stuff.


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I am a fan of milwaukee but their corded impacts keep breaking at the anvil. They never did this before. the 3/4" impacts crack and fail at the snout/anvil. Since the china move the metal is sub standard.

I broke two brand new 3/4" impacts today 3/27/15. Glad I had a backup to break after ten minutes of use.

The old USA made ones would break sockets, not the gun.

I don't buy harbor freight as the down-time is more than a good tool cost. Now there is limited good tools available.


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If you're on a budget and looking for a good 3/8 impact check out one of these older used snap on guns ( ct-30 ) you can find them cheap on eBay or craigslist it's. 9.6 volt gun but don't let that fool fool you it's got some good torque was well built, find one and get the battery rebuilt, about $30 on eBay, do a search for snap on ct-30, if you're lucky you can find one of these 12 V snap on high-capacity batteries ( like I did) have that rebuilt and sand 2 little tabs off at the top and it will fit in the same gun. snap on even makes an adapter where you can use the newer slide on batteries. It's hard to find the battery's I thought it would be great if the aftermarket company made and sold just the battery case.

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I have a Mikita and it is used nearly everyday. Amazing amount of torque. The only drawback is that it's heavy. Took it through the Rubicon trail last week and beat on it for three days with the same battery. I suggest it!

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My vote is for the Ingersoll rand cordless gun. Their cordless tools are seem to be geared for mechanics, not construction. Their cordless ratchets are really nice too.

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I've been looking at the Milwaukees since I already have their M18 cordless drill. I wasn't aware there were so many different options of 1/2" impact. Which one is everybody using? I'm assuming the high torque? Anybody have a model or part number for the one they use?


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I use the “Mid-Torque” 2860-20 1/2” drive. It has more power than I will ever need in my garage. It zapped the balancer bolt off my 6.0 like a Honda Civic lug nut. I never use my air powered impact anymore.


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I run Model
Model # 2767-20

Do not get a PIN DETENT Model. They suck to remove sockets from. Also the mid torque mentioned above works well but i've noticed a decrese in power as battery drop soff. Where the High torque even when it drops off still has enough to remove lug nuts and most bolts even with 1 bar of battery power.


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The harbor freight earthquake. If your use to harbor freight “cheap” tools, this isn’t anything like that.

Has more torque and has lasted longer than my snap on. Go grab one and you’ll understand!


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We have the Dewalt and it was in a small bag that came off in a race. It got ran over by a bunch of trucks. We got it back after the race it it looked pretty bad but still worked. We bought a new one for the race truck and put the beat up one in a chase truck. the beat up one has been working great with no problems.

the dealt from a power standpoint is plenty it does very well. And now we know it will hold up to a good beating.


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I just picked up this Makita Impact Gun.
it is heavier than others but has a lot of torque.
makita impact.JPG


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I just picked up this Makita Impact Gun.
it is heavier than others but has a lot of torque.View attachment 202773
These are awesome! We use them in Linework but 7/8's, we frame poles with them, drill holes, tighten up hardware, etc. Electric tools have come a long ways in years past. Still need to get me one for work and something similar for the daily.