The BlueRibbon Coalition Announces Its New Member Incentive Program


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If you are not a member or currently volunteering with one of these or several other organizations than you owe it to yourself, family and friends to sign up and do your part.


I have been working for some time to "crack the nut" of increasing BlueRibbon Coalition’s membership numbers so we can be more effective in our advocacy. Grassroots resurgence from the OHV community is crucial in the current political and economic environment.

I believe I have found just the ticket in our newly-announced Membership Incentive Program. Please take a look at the announcement below and whether you are currently a member or not, I would like to invite you to take advantage of this opportunity and invite your friends to do so as well. Whether you join, renew, or extend membership, this is a win-win offer for everyone and it is vital for the future of access.


Greg Mumm
Executive Director
BlueRibbon Coalition


The BlueRibbon Coalition Announces Its New Member Incentive Program

We have never experienced such a relentless onslaught against OHV recreation and access as we are right now. Almost daily, we learn of some new planning initiative, a new piece of Wilderness legislation, a new lawsuit, or new attempt to rip-off dedicated OHV registration fees.

BRC is drawing from our unparalleled experience to turn the tide and build lasting solutions that make sense for the land and the people. Your membership in the BlueRibbon Coalition is critical. Now is the time to join together and expand our influence on the issues.

With the help of Rocky Mountain ATV-MC, we've made joining, renewing, or extending your membership in the BlueRibbon Coalition especially worth your while. For a limited time, we are making you this special "no buts-no brainer" offer where you can join BRC and literally double the value of your money:

Join-renew-extend your membership in BlueRibbon Coalition now and you will get a $25 gift card from Rocky Mountain ATV-MC!

Do the math: $29.00 BRC Membership
-$25.00 Gift Card
$ 4.00 Your final cost


► It's the right thing to do-at the right time
► You're helping to save trails
► You stay informed on issues
► Righteous deal for you
► Join-Renew-Extend membership in BRC for a full year
► Get the gift card-buy what you wanted to buy anyway
► Final membership cost to you is $4

Hands down, there has never been a better opportunity to help protect trails through membership in the BlueRibbon Coalition. Won't you please join with us? We've made it very easy for you at

Share this with your friends-we'll give them the same opportunity when they JOIN!


The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national recreation group that champions responsible use of public lands and waters, and encourages individual environmental stewardship. It represents of 10,000 individual, business, and organizational members for a combined total of over 600,000 recreationists nationwide. 1-800-258-3742


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Amen! that is one spankin good deal!


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It's a cool deal. And great of Rocky Mountain ATV to step up like that. I wish that more vendors and manufacturers would do things like this.