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It's not the advancement of the trucks. It's the change in the landscape of the sport. Manufacturers are much tighter with what racing programs they will invest in, and the objectives are different. The landscape is radically different from what it was 30 years ago, on road as well as off. Look at how Indycar has declined, or even NASCAR. Look at the difference in how sports car racing is sponsored and supported. It's a different world.

If a manufacturer wants to win Baja, all they need to do is throw money at Bryce or Andy or Rob Mac. Yes, there is a small amount of association (articles about Luke call his truck, nominally, a Ford) but these Trophy Trucks are as close to Ford Raptors as the Mustang Cup Cars are to the things we see on the street every day.

The issue isn't the type of truck. It's the marketing landscape.

Agreed...I can't tell you how many times I heard John Force refer to his funny car as a Ford Mustang over the years. There is NO PART of that car that is a Ford Mustang part. It kinda, sort, maybe from a distance, or you close one eye looks maybe just a little like a Mustang in the front.

I believe the moniker, "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday" is pretty much dead now. And the manufacturers got themselves in such a bind with the cost of the pensions the Autoworkers Union forced them into they don't have nearly as much money left for sponsorships like they used to have.


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"If a manufacturer wants to win Baja, all they need to do is throw money at Bryce or Andy or Rob Mac."

If that were true, why spend Trophy Truck money on the fake Bronco like they did? No, they figure that making your own class and paying the promoter buys the win.. Until someone else comes along and spoils that plan. $500k would go along ways towards 5 production based vehicles. Multiply that times 4 or 5 for different manufacturers and you have a solid class with many others participating hoping to do well and get some of that money. Look what Ford's program with BITD did when they were paying almost every truck class winner in a Ford some decent money to keep racing the next one. Factories don't care to sponsor Trophy Trucks because they cost too much and h the return is too little.
Best of luck at Le Mans and I can’t wait to see you guys at Dakar!
This is our Le Mans Engine.
3.5L flat plane crank TT V8.
In endurance tune it can make 890HP.
In Qualifying 1400HP
We are working with Pipo who make winning WRC Motors. It's two WRC Motors in a common block.


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Wow, reading Jim's story gave me goosebumps of admiration! I must admit, as a multi-Bronco owner and a Bronco Class 3 racer, I didn't really take the "Boot" seriously. The passion for the sport and love of racing with Jim (et al) is obvious! Seeing the Bronco R take another "licking" sort of made me chuckle... but the Boot is no joke. Those 40's tuck and don't look an inch over 35! I can't wait to see how the women's effort turns out, heck I'm sending you a resume (not for me)!!

Great job to Jim and Darren and I'm sure the massive team behind the scenes to make this work. Now about that LeMans car... is it the number 2?? I wake every day to that massive LeMans poster and STILL wonder why the numbers go: 1, 2, 57, 3, 4, 5??? WHY the 57??

Looking forward to 2021, as I'm sure we ALL are!


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I am obsessed with Baja history and all offroad history in general, when I saw the Boot was making a comeback and racing the Bronco I was beyond excited. But when I found out they were both racing again, I was even more excited, that is why I wrote the story!

I just want to say congratulation on the win and your continued success at Glickenhaus! Here is a quick shot I got of the Boot rolling past us at race mile 700, on an INCREDIBLE pace.


Mike @ pit b

Why does Ford go to all the trouble and expense to enter a Raptor or Bronco R in the B1K and only build a single vehicle? Their 2016 Ford GT Le Man's program had multiple entries, and like in the '60's they won BIG. When Kia entered the B1K they had a squadron of those little things out there, knowing full well that they were betting on at least one beating the clock.

Because they have a bigger PR team than their race team. Remember last year when the Bronce DNF'd and they were still allowed to push the Bonco across the finish line in front of the Boot that actually won the class? It's all about the photo op now. A picture speaks a thousand words, none of them have to be true.

And don't forget the race report from Ford last year where they were adamant about the reason they DNF'd. Not because of factory parts but because of "aftermarket parts failing". They never mentioned why the after market parts failed, just that their stuff wasn't the cause of it.

I'm sure someone brought this up in the last 10 days of the original post but, whatevs.


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We had a great time, learned a lot and will be back next year likely stepping up to class 1. It's pretty cool that Vic's original buggy design still works well 53 years later re engineered by Armada. The Boot is incredibly fun and comfortable to drive. Next year several customer will race their Boots with us. We hope to have 4 racing in 2020. We're also offering a lower cost Class 8 buggy (DYI). Next stop Le Mans with our 007 LMH.
We were behind one Boot on the Mexican toll road heading north with your team Sunday morning at about 5AM. It sounded great accelerating away from the toll booth! Good luck at Le Mans.