The Bully Dog SuperLite class goes off big time under the lights


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The racers of the SuperLite class rolled into Lake Elsinore, CA ready for the second half of the race season. A quick walk around the pits talking with drivers it became very evident that the two new drivers in the class, Ricky James and Andrew Comrie-Picard were making all the drivers a bit nervous and nervous they should be.

Following Friday practice and qualifying Ricky James driving for So Cal Super Trucks lead everyone else, he turned the fastest laps followed closely Joey Granatelli and by young hot show Dawson Kirchner. Local favorite Chad Leising who before this race weekend was 2nd. In points missed every session on Friday and would have to start the race from the back of the pack. Luckily for Chad he did get to turn a few hot laps on Saturday just to ensure the truck was capable to race.
Racing under the lights is a unique experience, you can have the same crowd, the same exact race and drivers but for some reason the vibe is totally different, it is almost spiritual in a way, each and every one of the SuperLite drivers all felt it. Rolling out onto the track for the parade laps the drivers saw the largest crowd to date, all sitting in their seats to see what this new class was all about. And not one of those fans walked away disappointed, the racing was epic to say the least. There were battles for each and every spot in the field both Saturday and Sunday night.
Saturday nights racing was very intense, John Harrah the class point’s leader ran up front for almost the entire race, right on his heels was Ricky James applying a tremendous amount of pressure. Once the field was gathered up under a mandatory full course caution the action really got out of hand. The GEICO Powersports truck driven by Jason Patison got out of shape over the whoops and rolled, then John Harrah made a rare mistake and also went over onto his roof giving the lead to Ricky. Behind him there was still a lot of banging going on as for position. Joey Granatelli got way out of shape and punted Chad Leising thus sidelining the Hart & Huntington truck. All the bumping allowed Dawson Kirchner into second place followed closely by rally driver Andrew Comrie-Picard (ACP). What is really amazing about the race is that all three of drivers

atop the podium, Ricky James, Dawson Kirchner and ACP had not been to the podium before.

Sunday’s race order was determined by the finishing order in race the night before and then with the inversion thrown into the mix it meant that it could really be anyone’s race as the winners from the night before had to start in the middle of the pack. When the green flag dropped Ricky James in the So Cal Super Trucks SuperLite jumped right out into the lead and ran away from the field, even when the caution came out no one got close to him. Behind him the battle raged, there were fewer accidents then the night before and young Dawson Kirchner and ACP who had been on the podium the night before struggled to make it to the front of the field. In their place was class point’s leader John Harrah coming in second and Chad Leising finishing in third after spending over 14 hours rebuilding his truck from the accident the night before.

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This is what makes the SuperLite class so awesome IMO you never know whats going to happen and you never know who will win.

Its a drivers class all the way and with the two seat concept you can't beat it.

All of the trucks look great on the track. My favorite from last weekend was RJ's not to mention the sweep congrats.