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Racers and Friends:

We are delighted to announce that the CAL-CITY GRAN PRIX is back – DECEMBER 14, 2019 ; and it’s in California City at our Racing Ranch.

We have a terrific course, of about 9.6 miles, and which 90% of it is in view of the Pits and Spectator areas.

The course itself is one of our better course and we are combining some of the courses we used years ago in the Super Course Series with additional property that we have acquired to make it a terrific and challenging course.

Soon we will have the Alive course file for you guys to see and as we get closer to the event, one you have entered, you will receive the Google Earth “kml” file to see the course up-close. There is no Pre-Running but the “kml” file will give you a good idea of the type of terrain, elevation and distance of the GP course.

Now, for even better news for your Club:

Aa a District Club we are making special offers and discounts. Please share this with your members:

  1. SPECIAL DISTRICT CLUB DISCOUNT. For every 5 entries that you send together under ONE payment method, you get a discount of 10%.
  2. In other words, each of the five entries, when sent together, is only $45.00
  3. Moreover, for every 5 entries Your Club sends together, we will issue the Club one (1) FREE ENTRY to do as the Club wants.
  4. The Club can then raffle the entry to put a few dollars in its coffer or…
  5. Award it to someone in the Club
  6. Just let us know who that person is.
  7. Also for every five entries, we will give the Club one (1) FREE entry.
  8. If you wish us to e-mail directly to each of your members, just provide us with their e-mail address, otherwise, just forward this e-mail directly to make it easier.
  9. POSSIBLE BIG EVENT: Since our race schedule is still tentative, with enough club participation, we may add a Gran Prix exclusively of District Clubs to fight for the annual 2019 DISTRICT “BATTLE FOR THE CLUB CUP!”
  10. Results for each Club member in the Overall will be tallied and awarded towards the Club point totals to determine the best MC/ATV/UTV Club AND EARN THE “BATTLE FOR THE CLUB CUP” award.

Attached are the flyer for the event and the official entry form. Please share them with your members.

To qualify for the discounts and the special Club Cup, all entries must be in no later than DECEMBER 1, 2019.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us to: [email protected] or text or call us at 661.524.1550.

You can also v
isit our website: www.averacing.com

Hope we see you at the CAL-CITY GRAN PRIX, DECEMBER 14, 2019

Lois and Lou Peralta



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Someone said that the 10-mile course for the upcoming Cal-City Gran Prix, December 14, 19 is going to be the "same-old-same old trails," with fast graded roads. Obviously, whoever said that has not raced with us in recent month. Using our own property and using un-maintained County roads, plus a couple of private sections owned by friends, we have a racecourse that is anything but "usual or 'same-old, same-old." The course which contains about 3-miles of stadium-type course and a couple of great hills to climb and negotiate plus a bunch of whoops and rocks, is anything but usual, but it will be great for spectators to watch. Almost 88% of the course is within view of the Racing Ranch and pits. It's going to be one of our best courses yet for any Cal-City Gran Prix as we've done away with a lot of graded roads. The only section (about 3/4 of a mile), which is fast and features a bit of torn pavement in on George Blvd, just inside the County Line, other that get ready for either 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes of some of the most fun you've ever had on a race course. Just say'n

Here is the link if you wish to check it out in YouTube...https://youtu.be/gSmDRJNsqzE
Sorry, no music or narration...just down to business for about a minute...

You're welcome!