The Definative Disco Truck


This was posted on the <A target="_blank" HREF=>Desertracer Mail List</A> and I thought I'd share it here. I understand that this was on display at the Off-Road Expo last year. I was not there, so I can't verify. Personally, I think it didn't fit the venue. Perhaps we should send letters or an on-line ptition to Guy to keep this crap out? Just my thoughts.</A>">

Hated by Eco-Freaks and Bob Yen.


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I did a "copy" of the url from the posted message and then a "paste" into my browser. I couldn't get it to go directly into the site from the posted url either.


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That's just wrong


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That passes right through funny, lame and goes so far beyond wrong it goes back to funny. Could you imagine driving that thing?


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That truck wasn't there, but there was an orange Expedition that was just as gawdy. The EXPO isn't just limited to race trucks though, it embraces all forms of offroading
(including disco trucks) , rock crawlers, streetable prerunners, disco rails and even disco quads. I'd rather see that yellow monstrosity or some other monster truck instead
of some lowered prelude with a loud stereo system.

send more money, guns and lawyers


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The sad part is....the guy who owns thinks "it's the [censored]" when in reality it is a POS. With the kind of money that went into that POS he could have built a TT


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uuh.......hhmmm.....well..........uuhhhhh.......never mind. :O

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