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The Driven Experiences Caliente 250


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SNORE is proud to announce The Driven Experiences Caliente 250 June 10-11 in Caliente NV. The track starts in Caliente NV at 4,500 ft and runs up in the mountains to 7,000 ft and runs right though town. It's a great time and a great spot to spend a week..

McCredie A

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The driven experience guys are a class act through and through. Glad to hear they are partnering with snore. Should be a great race.

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Caliente is about 2hrs north of Vegas, nice drive 70 MPH trailers can run the same speed.
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Doesn't matter if you can go 70 with a trailer, at least one Az. guy will still complain they can't go 75!

John Bitting

That area is so nice up there. The weather was perfect last year at the BITD race I attended. Its a good drive though so camping would be ideal.


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I have missed this race about 5 years in a row due to Military Obligations, I'm hoping I'll make it next year. I went one time and loved the race!


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Cathedral Gorge Inn
109 South US HWY 93
Panaca, Nevada
(775) 728-4263

Pine Tree Inn and Bakery
412 N. Third St.
(775) 728-4675

Cathedral Gorge State Park

Hwy 93, Just north of Panaca
(775) 728-4460

Hutchings Motel

411 LaCour St.
(775) 962-2583

Motherlode Motel
378 LaCour Street
(775) 962-5159

Mount Wilson Ranch
8302 Mount Wilson Ranch Road
(775) 724-3112

Overland Hotel & Saloon
670 Main St.
(775) 962-5177

Tillie’s Mini Mart/Wright Cabins
704 Main Street
(775) 962-5205

Camp Camelot

(775) 962-5676

Eagle Valley Resort
12555 Resort Rd. – 15 miles east of Pioche
(775) 962-5293

Echo Canyon State Park
State Route 322 – 12 miles east of Pioche
(775) 962-5103

Pioche RV Park
462 Bush Street
(775) 962-3992

Roll Inn RV & Laundry
Main Street
(775) 962-5566

Spring Valley State Park
State Route 322 – 20 miles east of Pioche
(775) 962-5102
The Alamo Inn

300 N. US Highway 93
(775) 725-3371

A Cowboy’s Dream B&B
95 Hand Me Down Road
(775) 725-3500

Sunset View Inn
Highway 93, South of Alamo
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Windmill Ridge
US Highway 93, Windmill Circle
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Alamo RV Park

115 Broadway St.
(702) 376-0722

Alamo Airport RV Park
Joshua Tree Street
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R Place RV Park
U.S. 93, Ash Springs
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Upper Pahranagat Lake Campground
Highway 93, South of Alamo
(775) 725-3417 x303

Midway Motel

251 N Spring St.
(775) 726-3199

Rainbow Canyon Motel
900 Front St.
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Shady Motel
430 Front St.
(775) 726-3106

Agua Caliente RV Park

1000 N Spring S
(775) 726-3399

Kershaw-Ryan State Park
Just outside of Caliente
(775) 726-3564

Young’s RV Park
1350 Front St.
(775) 726-3418


George of the Jungle
I'm getting a twitch in my Pantalones for this race. Course marking weekend "Might" actually be better than race weekend. Madd-Dawg with the secret jug!
Damn Kenny...Where did you dig up that Picture...?
That was our first ever race back in like 92...
Cant wait for this one, going to be awesome!