The Edge 4.5 Hanger Kit


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I installed this kit last week...2000 F-250 short bed 4x4 power stroke..major shake on moderate to hard acceleration...feels like the drivetrain is going to come up through the floor...Donahoe says to put in the carrier bearing drop down kit which is going on tomorrow ...pinon angle i know is the problem...anybody else have any ideas what is causing it or how to reduce it...besides 7 foot traction bars?? Anyone else had this problem??




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my step dad had an issue with heavy vibrations durring take off and easy-mid acceleration in his jeep. he ended up cuting the old leaf spring perches off of the axel housing and welding on another set, and also improved the pinion angle. once he finished it and drove it, walla, the vibration was totaly gone. hope this helps in any way.


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Superduties are pretty picky at having the correct pinion angle to driveshaft angle. When I had mine, I used ProComp's kit because they give you a selection of shims at various thicknesses so you can set it up just right.

Mine acted up when went from a 4" lift to a 8" lift. Their's a formula, it's something like for every inch of lift, you need to shim it 1/8". Don't quote me on that one, call ProComp for that formula, it was in there instructions.



Donahoe knows their stuff - if they say two inches worth of shims they are probably right. Every Edge kit we sell we throw in the carrier bearing drop down shims for free. It's one of those inexpensive items I wish Donahoe would include in their primary box kits. I understand why they don't (cost) but with quite a few trucks needing them it seems silly to sell it as an option.



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I had a crew cab shortbed. Do you have a single, extended or crew?

2" seems like a lot for a smaller sized lift, but I cant remember what I had mine shimmed to.



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It is a crew cab short bed...I feel they must include it in every kit..I was bummed that it wasn't...I hope it fixes it..


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6" lift on a crew cab short bed. Same problem and he just got a new one-piece drive shaft....problem solved.

Here is the article,
with pictures here:
or just the article here:
Fixing the driveline shutter after you lift your Super Duty

One of the best kept secrets when lifting a Super Duty is the driveline shutter that develops. NO one mentions a thing when shopping for a lift. I believe in well designed systems and don't like to create more problems when you do upgrades to a vehicle. Well, I lifted my 2001 SD CC SB 4x4 6.5". Used all new springs and bought the shim kit for the carrier bearing that was suppose to help. I had Offroad Unlimited do the lift kit for me. Upon driving my truck for the first time after the lift, I noticed this offline shutter. Come to find out, the carrier bearing was binding and causing the shudder.

People has experimented with different size shims for the carrier bearing mount. When you shim the carrier enough to get the driveline straight again, you develop a high speed vibration too. By shimming the carrier you actually rooster it in it's own housing. That tilt binds the rubber insulator. No matter how you look at it it's all wrong.

Some people shim their carrier to get an ACCEPTABLE amount of shudder, then the lift manufacturers suggest putting traction bars to eliminate what's left..... Think about it..... Traction bars will NOT fix driveline vibration. It may mask it some, but the problem is still the driveline. If you have axle wrap that is causing wheel hop, then traction bars are for you!

I constantly peruse "The Diesel Stop" for information to fix, upgrade and troubleshoot different things to do with my Super Duty. Some one mentioned the only way to kill the shudder was with a one piece driveshaft. So I contacted Ralph at Dick's Driveshaft in Phoenix, AZ for a permanent solution.

If you have ever had a chance to work with Dick's Driveline, you will know they are top notch and know their way around a driveline. I have used them extensively for my rock crawling applications. When I first called Ralph he knew exactly what I was talking about. He told me the Valley Spring (popular lift installer) sends him many drive shafts to convert to the one piece for their lifted trucks. He reassured me this would be the correct fix. I asked if I could do this after work (same day), and he said "absolutely, bring it down. We can pull it in the parking lot and I will have a new one built by the afternoon to swap in."

On the way down in my work clothes I glanced up at my outside temperature. This is what I saw! 120 degrees! DANG! Well, when I got to Dick's Driveline, Ralph came outside and decided it was just to dang hot and nasty for us to pull it in his lot.

He sent me next door to Bryden's Auto for their expert mechanics to pull the shaft for us.

Once the complete assembly was removed, it was time for a close inspection. So many moving parts here! Ford uses a non serviceable ujoint.

Looking close at the yoke that goes into the carrier, you can see it was getting beat up by the carrier shroud. This is the harmonic balancer Ford puts on the end of their shafts to control mild vibration problems. The rubber was already cracked.

Meanwhile back in the shop, Ralph was putting together a completely new one piece shaft to replace this monstrosity. Heavy duty ujoints, flanges and tubing are used. Then the whole assembly is high speed balanced for long use and dependability!

Bryden removed the carrier bearing bracket from the frame. Under heavy load with some lifted trucks this bracket could strike the new shaft under extreme conditions. The bracket looks like they used big rivets, but they are actually bolted on. Just remove the nuts and drop the bracket down. Once that was done this shaft was just bolted in place. 5 minute job!

First impressions was ....... I got my stock feel back! Nice and tight, no vibration! I want to thank Ralph for working so quickly with me and provided a permanent fix for my rig. I really enjoy light to light acceleration again! Not afraid to put the power to it!

I would also like to thank Bryden and Scotty at Bryden's Auto Repair for dropping everything and R&R my shaft at the drop of a dime.

Bryden's has a neat deal too! They work with Maricopa county in a special program to help people who can't pass emissions. If you bring your vehicle to them to fix, Maricopa county will pay $550.00 and the customer only has to pay $150 to fix the problem. No income restrictions, can't be a salvage title, have good registration for at least 60 days, and the vehicle has to be 12 years or older. They are the only one in the county authorized for this program! Check em out! Bryden's a Super Duty owner too! He's got a beautiful 2002 SD LB 4x4, lifted, AFE intake, Flowmaster 4" exhaust and runs a SuperChip.

Bryden's Auto Service

2730 E McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85008

Dick's Driveshaft

2750 E McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85008


Check out their Internet service too!


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i have done tons of these things, and we have have been pretty successful with the shim setup. we started having problems with the new diesel, it has a lot more torque, and the shims werent working anymore. we found some driveline shop up north that makes a driveshaft with a cv joint after the carrier bearing. this completely eliminated the problem. price on the shaft was around 1000 bucks, but came with a bunch of new parts.



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I have exactly 1" of shims and so does Junior,No vibration at all.
SD crew cab 4x4


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Kevin, the shim will take care of it. call me if you want and ill get you one.


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when i lifted my excursion it had a wild vibration from the driveline. my buddy saw it from behind and said it was shaking side to side. i lowered the transfer case 2" and then turned down the rear pinion so the angles were closer to the same and , no more vibrations. the biggest problem is that most lift kits turn up the rear end, and thats a mistake. the angles of the u joints need to be the same, not one turned up. i had a new driveshaft made because the original was to short, and when i put it in i had the clocking on it wrong. that could be a problem.


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Well, I was on a road trip guys and just got back to see this. Sorry I didnt jump on the responce. The superduty trucks have a really funky issue with drivline vibration. The carrier bearing drop is not always the fix. Some trucks vibrate...some dont. it all goes down to torque and harmonics. 3 out of 10 stock trucks have take off vibration so when you add a lift it just gets worse. We have been working with Ford to try and fix the problem and it looks like ford will be doing a recall on drivelines in late November on the 2003 trucks with the 6.0 motors. Ford will be adding another cv joint to the driveshaft and this will fix any problems with take-off vibration on stock trucks as well as lifted trucks. hope that helps.