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The Expo!

Gabe Lara

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So did everyone have a great time @ the Expo?

As always, it was a blast seeing old friends, and meeting new people.
Tim from TLR, Spencer @ SLR, Jamie and the crew from Prep by Jake, Tim @ Beard, Scott @ PCI, Bob B., The guys from SI.........I could go on and on.

So many people there, and so little time. It was lke sensory overload with all of the desert hardware to see...
I wonder if Guy has a headcount tally for the weekend?


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all of us(the Baja Shop) had a great time at the expo this weekend.we answered a jazillion questions, met alot of you out there and met some new potential sponsors for our 7s effort. it was a great honor to us having Walker Evans, Ivan Stewart,Rod Hall,Curt Leduc,Rob Mcacren,the Herbsts among others at our booth admiring our work.Dave Kreisler even came to personally say hello to A.J. whom he respects very much.in case you dont know who that is , he was the owner of Raceco who built some of the best cars in the desert.