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The Fast-Aid DUNK TANK is coming to MINT 400


The Fast-Aid DUNK TANK is now a real thing.

In an effort to raise a little money for injured racers (and have a little fun while doing so,) we rented a dunk tank for the Mint 400.

The splash fest will be on Thursday Night, March 2nd at The Hogs N Heifers Saloon Home just off Freemont St. at 201 N 3rd St, Las Vegas NV 89101 in cooperation with the 3rd annual Flippobuilt Party. We expect things to get going around 9 PM or so after the Pit Crew Challenge is over and it should go all night long.

Now I am sure you all are wondering WHO we are going to be dunking and, well, that's kinda up to you all.
The idea is that for a mere $20 (or more) you can nominate someone to be dunked. Then if that person who got nominated decides they aren't very excited about the idea, they can buy their way out of the obligation by doubling the donation made by their nominator. If the nominator then wants to double down and re nominate that person they can do it again and the cycle begins again. (I really hope this doesn't get out of hand.)

We have reached out to a few people while we were deciding if this was even a thing we should do and the response from everyone we asked was really good. Great actually.

I should point out that there is no way for us to "legally obligate" anyone to actually get dunked but I do have a call into the mayors office asking for the legal authority to change that. In the mean time I guess we will have to use a tactic perfected by my mother called "guilt and shaming" to leverage people into helping us out here.

You can help us get the ball rolling by making a donation today. Post up a screen shot of your receipt along with your nomination and we're in business. You can also do this on site at the party.

Fast-Aid Donations page to Help Support Desert Racing - Fast Aid

I would be awesome to see you all sharing this on your social media accounts and get this as hyped as possible. If anyone would like to volunteer and help us run this event feel free to message me here.

We look forward to seeing you all there.
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Bdub 1020

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Pistol , people will pay big money to just hit him with the ball instead of the target. Just kidding but he would be a good draw to dunk. How much you Steve Sourapas or Jerry would pay

Bdub 1020

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Bump for fast aid and it should have said how much you think Steve or Jerry would pay. Robby you know you want some to. I will give 3 - 50 ml bottles a Red, Blue and Green of off road racings best Thread Locker to the highest person donating at the Dunk Slam


What will people pay to keep Lucas out of a tight white shirt for this? His cup size has gone down quite a bit so I'm not sure it would be a good show anyway!

Bdub 1020

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Im thinking Lucas dressed in drag in the dunk tank and he /she would fit right in on Freemont.


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Dan I think you should get the ball rolling, and take the first 8 hour shift..