The Flying Dutchman Debuts New PRO-2WD for 2009 TORC Season


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The Flying Dutchman Debuts New PRO-2WD for 2009 TORC Season

Appleton WI (May 1, 2009) – The last six months has seen a lot of change in the short course off road racing world. As two sanctioning bodies closed their doors, more were formed. Along with the new sanctioning body, The Off-Road Championship series also comes new race venues. To ensure the voices of the drivers are heard, the Professional Drivers Group was formed. Finally, Dan Vandenhuevel Sr. and his Flying Dutchman race team have completed a new PRO-2WD race truck, looking to take on the best off-road racers in the nation.

The new truck was a year and a half in the making. The “masterpiece in metal” was created by designed and fabricated by Mike Vandenhuevel, along with his brother Dan Jr. and the rest of the team, to give Dan Sr. a state of the art truck to take on the competition.

“Whether it’s the rolling high speed track like Crandon, or the tight door handle to door handle track like Texas, this new truck can easily adapt for all types of conditions,” remarks Dan Vandenheuvel Sr.

The truck has been ready for testing for over two weeks, but the weather has not been cooperating. The Upper Midwest has seen above normal amounts of rain for this time of year, and just as the ground dries out, more rain comes down. The Vandenhuevel family hopes to get one or two test sessions in before heading to Texas.

Unfortunately, at press time the Flying Dutchman team has yet to land a title sponsor to assist with the overhead costs of racing in a nationwide race series. The team will be receiving a travel voucher from Traxxas to attend the first race weekend of the year at Texas Motor Speedway. Then the Professional Drivers Group (PDG), with the assistance of AMSOIL, has also offered a travel scholarship to the team to make the trip to Southern California for rounds three and four.

“A huge amount gratitude and thanks goes out to Traxxas, AMSOIL, the PDG and TORC for giving teams like ours, the opportunity to compete in the first two race weekends of the year,” commented Vandenhuevel Sr. “ Hopefully before we get to Spring Crandon be will have found the marketing partners that can get us through the rest of the season. I am very confident we will be competing for the championship title when the series finishes in Las Vegas.”

New this year, for the Flying Dutchman team, is the product partnership with HJC helmets. Dan Sr. and Mike will be equipped with HJC helmets.
The first TORC event of the season for the Flying Dutchman is May 15-16 at the Dirt Track at Texas Motor Speedway.

Dan Vandenhuevel Sr. and his team also thank the continued support from the following companies:
Maxxis Tires, ATD, Mastercraft, MSD, Autometer, AMSOIL, Catco, AirGas, Jaz Products, Miller Electric, and Phil’s Inc.

The Traxxas Off-Road Championship Series presented by AMSOIL Race Schedule –

May 15-16 Ft. Worth, TX
May 29-30 Perris, CA
June 20-21 Crandon, WI
July 11-12 Bark River, MI
August 8-9 Bark River, MI
Sept 4-6 Crandon, WI
Sept 26-27 San Diego, CA
Oct 31-Nov 1 Las Vegas, NV

- Mike Reusche, marketing MTG


Carlos Danger
Go Dan.I wish him the best of luck.Dan is one of the nicest guys out there.


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There is something wrong when the Pro 2wd champ and Pro Driver of the Year cannot get a title sponsor. You can't go wrong with the Dutchman.


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Matt's racing TORC (hope he doesn't mind that I answered for him).

I was up at the Dutchman's shop on Wednesday and Mikey really pulled out all the stops on the new ride, that thing looks sweet and he covered every last detail, down to the grip tape on the step underneath the driver door.