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The FORD Ranger is coming back!

The FORD Ranger is coming back in to the United States 2019. Ford plans to build a new Ranger in its Michigan Assembly Plant and sell it here again it will likely be a version of the Ranger that has been sold all over the world except America. Expected to cost $20k-$25k the engine package is likely to be an EcoBoost turbo four-cylinder and a naturally aspirated V6.

This could breath some new life into the near stock off-road truck racing in 7100, 7200, and even 1450.


J Prich

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Any word on what contingency Ford is offering for 7100 this year?

Now that the 3.7l is legal in Rangers, how many racers will opt to build a brand new truck for $20-$25k off the lot if they can build a 20 year old truck they can pick up for dirt cheap or maybe already have, slap a $1500 motor in it, and have the same amount of power they would get from the new truck?

What this means for the class really depends on what Ford does with contingency, in my opinion. If they are throwing a lot of money around and tying it to the new models, then some may be willing to buy a brand new truck and cut it up. If they are just offering contingency to any Ford combo, or minimal contingency at all, I think it's a tough sell to convince someone to pay $20-25k just for the platform when they can buy an old Ranger, swap in a 3.7l and easily be racing competitively for under $20k.

I personally think Ford contingency money could bring some folks in to 7100 at least who want to chase that money, but I'm not sure too many are going to be willing to buy the brand new model to come race.


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I don't see why someone would use a new Ranger as a donor unless there is a hella incentive. All you are using is the cab and frame and engine/trans and the powertrain will be modified. You can get a no title early 2000s for under $500 in some cases. There is a 2002 short bed in Vegas right now for $250.

Dirty Harry

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I don't see these selling for $20-25k but I hope that I am wrong. Tacomas and Colorados are well north of $30k once you get a 4WD.


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The 2017 base model Colorado is just a shade over $20k but good luck finding those or most other models in base trim. Once they slap on the trim packages and TruCoat (you see they install that TruCoat at the factory) it's an easy $30k. The Ranger is going to be the same and the 3.7 isn't going to be a base model option. My guess is you'll be into the second level (or higher) trim package to get the engine and then you'd have to gut that nice interior that made up a big hunk of the price upgrade to get the engine.


So is the mid-engine corvette, the Toyota Supra, the Honda S2000 and the Bronco but I'm not holding my breath. Oh ya and Ford is upping production of the Raptor to meet demand.


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It will be interesting to see what the suspension looks like in this truck. Hopefully it will be a good platform.
Ford has already confirmed the Ranger is going to be to same global platform used in other markets. The trim packages and interiors are going to be what differentiates for the US market.

ParksHouse Racing

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Ford Is Back in for 7100 contingency!!

Believe 1500 1st 1000 2nd and 750 3rd - BITD

Ford Rangers will be back on the market and its looking like there will be a 3.5 naturally aspirated (the Ecoboost without a turbo) and 2 - 4cyl turbo options. specs.. Ford Explorer - Wikipedia

Here are some options from the current explorer that may be in the new Ranger.

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ford r.png


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A company in European makes a limited editions ford ranger and some sport ford transits in partnership with Msport Motorsport team.

Van Sport


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Ford has already confirmed the Ranger is going to be to same global platform used in other markets. The trim packages and interiors are going to be what differentiates for the US market.
I saw new Rangers last year in Mexico. Nice looking, should give the manufacturers some competition.