The GGTR // 2016 NORRA Mexican 1000 (Video)



Spanish Tony and The Gentleman's Guide To Racing are back, this time taking their brand of humor to the Norra Mexican 1000. It was fun following these guys online and throughout their process. I really like their style and comedic relief.

@Michael Power breaks it down in detail here --> The Gentleman's Guide to Racing Conquers the Norra Mexican 1000 -

Some highlights:

"Suddenly my mind considers the very high probability of some chubby groupie having misplaced her weak cocaine between one the bunk cushions whilst having her bullet hole tongue boxed by the drummer of some emo band on one of the tour buses previous assignment."

"Having found a car I picked up the phone to check the availability of my cultural attache Spanish Tony. I located him in Southern Spain and reserved his time for a week and booked his flight. He thus began his own preparation which included swapping his alcohol intake over to cactus based cocktails and smoking heavily."

"Unlike most of the other deep-throated baritones leaving the line our departure was high-pitched and “spirited” to say the least. Beyond our own crew I knew I was piloted a car that everyone remembers from its original debut back in the day. As a relative newcomer to the sport, driving a famous unreliable Japanese truck I felt appropriately foreign. I’ve always loved a challenge and being the underdog."

"The following day we have the first and only team meeting. Hungover and exhausted from a night on the tour bus with a well stocked bar and some women we imported from the US has left me too broken to consider all the things that still need to happen between now and the time I pull the helmet over my face. "

"When everything is going well, you cannot fathom the reality of something going wrong. By the middle of day 2, I felt like we were in it to win it. Driving at 60% and staying up with the big boys meant, once I started pushing and once they started breaking, we would earn our well deserved moment of glory. But then it happened and suddenly we went to glory to survival.”

“Eventually two guys turned up in a truck blasting Pink Floyd and convinced George they could fix it. Still defeated, I sat in the air conditioned bus when suddenly Darren burst in and announced the Mexicans had managed to fix what two world class mechanics couldn’t do over the last two days. ¡Viva la f****** Mexico, we were back in the race!”


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What's the deal with the chase truck that looks like its been in a head on in the Loreto parking lot shots?

Power steering fix angle reminds me of something I was told. Never have a Mexican prep your car, but always take one with you when you are racing.

And if you want to talk with their bus driver about steering issues, I can talk about what my guys, Dust Junkies, had to do at Sonora Rally this year for my (or his) car.
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What's the deal with the chase truck that looks like its been in a head on in the Loreto parking lot shots?.
I'm pretty sure they hit an animal and that it was a COPS truck. I remember hearing such while we were down there.

Side note: 4:19 is our team