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The Herbst Truggy - El Tiburón (The Land Shark)

There are some vehicles that change everything. The Herbst Truggy is one of those vehicles. It not only challenged Class 1 rules but its form over function aesthetics set a tone that celebrated and revered its ugliness, rebelling against the idea of pretty, perhaps non-functional design. It’s an idea that carries through today as we scoff at new vehicles thinking, “I wonder how long until it breaks?”

Click on the link below for full article:

Herbst Truggy - El Tiburón (The Land Shark) - race-deZert.com


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I too have Dollars American and want one. Where do we get it?

Never mind. I should have read the feature story first.


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Will they ever build those Die-Cast Toy models like they were selling at the Gas Stations a few years back.
They had the TT replica but no Land Shark.
I must say I was fortunate to have had the experience to see my Big Bro, Nephew, Niece (Kyle and April) and Sister in-law Shirley own and race the only Smith-Built vehicle built outside of the Herbst Stable. And it was drawn and fabricated in 5 days.
So the story goes.. Thank you To the Herbst family, Mike Smith and Mike Grabowski.
And thanks Big Bro for letting me "try" to drive it. I'm the worst driver ever. You should all be glad I just want to focus on being a brewer.. Talk about a "logJam"


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You mean these die cast cars including semi?

Could've swore I had the truggy one as well. Hmmm gotta keep looking

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