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The voice of desert racing
Dave Cole the promoter of the Ultra-4 Series including the King of the Hammers was my hero at the San Felipe 250. Dave unstuck numerous vehicles, broke his thumb and continued working into the night and finally towed out Pistols truck. Without Dave, Matomi could have been a road block. Thanks for all you do and I hope the thumb is doing well.

Slippery P

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Dave's the man!


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He's driving one of Pete's trucks at the Mint, so thumb must be coming along fine.

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I Believe he beat Cancer last year as well !! Go Dave go

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John Bitting

Thats just one of the great things about Mexico. People can help wherever, I know Kritter and Full Pull posted up by a nasty silt bed at the 1000 to help out vehicles. Great job Dave.

Dave Cole 4454

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Thank you Bob. Thumb is ok, just ligament damage. You dont wrap your thumb around the steering wheel... I will be fine :)

Huge thanks to the guys from RPM, Cactus Films, and great group of fans down in Matomi.

Everything was smooth until the Wilson Motorsports C1 car had the big rock roll under them and block the main line.

Lots of fun


The voice of desert racing
Glad the thumb is OK and your final rescue of Pistola's 222 cleared Matomi of all race traffic and gave both James Coates, (Weatherman Relay Matomi) and myself a sense of relief knowing that the course was clear of race vehicles up to checkpoint 2.