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The "Ironman" debate


Does that mean you don't believe Ivan Stewart was an Ironman?
Ivan was my favorite and he drove a single seat truck. BAMF. Don't see anyone driving a single seat going for an overall anymore. I was talking about now going forward.

Someone should ask Ivan what he thinks and we'll just go from there.

Andy Mac

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Cal and PPI had drawings for a two-seat truck to come after 015 before they ended up leaving off-road. So even Ivan was going away from the single seater. Doesn't take away from his extraordinary feats of tackling the Baja 1000 SOLO. He was the man for sure.


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After racing six 1000s with the bike team, I finished the 2010 peninsula race solo at 40 years old on an XR650. I rode the bike, but the team put in work before, during and after. We enjoyed the process then and the memories now. I’m going to race the 2020 B1000 solo at 50, but this time on a 450X. My son was six when he chased in 2010. Next year he’ll pre run with me at 16.

However we define and label our aspirations and actions should only enhance the pleasure and satisfaction which comes from overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.

When my life flashes before my eyes-
It will be worth worth watching!

Zero Fox Given to solo vs. Ironman - that’s the crap lawyers pay each other to circle jerk themselves with. Don’t be the pivot guy at that bath house.

Mark Stahl

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The term "IRONMAN" was coined by those who competed in a rigorous event without the aid of others.

The triathlons of the same name are not shared by three individuals. One person, ALONE trying to accomplish a specific task.

If you drive the entire Baja 1000 with help, your are impressive.

Do it ALONE, you are an IRONMAN!
To win the Valvoline Ironman award you had to win your class driving solo in a single seat race car.

Mark Stahl

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No different from any other team.

To call a driver an "Ironman" for being the solo driver but have a navigator, takes away the from accomplishments of those who actually have done a true "Ironman".

And lets not forget that Ivan Stewart didn't get the Ironman monicker for simply being the solo driver, he got it for being the solo driver and WINNING his class.
Yes, you had to win. Valvoline also gave out the award in the Baja 500. A piece of cake, if you could win.

Mark Stahl

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