The Lucas Oil TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO Show for Wednesday 6/03/09


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Oct 16, 2007
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The Lucas Oil TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO Show for Wednesday 6/03/09

The Lucas Oil TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO Show will be broadcasting from TORR Studios in Carlsbad this evening from 6-8PM Pacific Time.

The show will be hosted by Jim Holthus. The show will be co hosted by: Patrick Wagenbrenner & Dave Arnold

Guest of the Show include:

Cameron Steele & the Desert Assassins with a Baja 500 Prerun Prerece update
Robby Woods Unlimited 2 driver
Kim Carpenter from District 37 & SCORE Medical also with a Johnson Valley Up
Miki Keller from the Women's Motocross Association
Sherri Cruise - Professional Motocross Racer

And more!!

Plus "Breaking Newz" with Shaun Ochsner and all the lastest Dirt!

It's going to be another great show and as always,
We want to hear from you 'The Fans" with any questions or comments that you have!

The station call in number is 760-720-5236, You can also Email questions to or text questions to 760-805-6994

The show is LIVE from 6-8PM on AM 1000 & can be heard at

We look forward to hearing from you all Wednesday!

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Sep 12, 2008
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You haven't noticed the shows have been catering to lucas for a while now? This is what happens when somebody comes along with more money I guess. It's sad to see a great non bias show change into a lucas infomercial... I hope I'm wrong by saying that, maybe the last. Couple shows that I've heard were just a fluke. And I'm not mad that this is now a Lucas show and not amsoil, I just like to hear all the racing news...