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The Mint 400 on Jay Leno's Garage Tonight


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There are 3 listed in a row, I think it is the one titled "victory lane" lists dirt bikes too. No guarantees...

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J Prich

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I thought it was pretty good coverage. Kudos to Jerry and the Camburg crew for all the PR mileage they got out of that truck. It's pretty amazing to see how much media they generated from a stock Toyota build. The Leno bit was pretty good, appreciated the fact that it was pretty light hearted and fun, including pointing out that they were the only truck in their class. But winning is winning regardless!

Great to see these kinds of stories getting out there.

J Prich

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says the guy who had a decent shot of his truck on the starting line. LOL

I agree though, pretty decent show.
Yeah that didn't suck.

But I'm just saying Jerry takes a lot of flak here on RDC but you have to give he and Camburg credit for what they put together here. They got factory involvement in a basically stock production truck and generated an incredible amount of media from it. Not just the Jay Leno bit either, but the Dirt Every Day bit, etc. They've gotten months of PR both prior and after the race that is still paying dividends.

And contrary to the prevailing wisdom here that people only care about TT's etc, they did all of that with arguably the least "racey" vehicle in the race. I think it shows what can be done to bring exposure for yourself, your company, and the sport with a little creativity. What they did is pretty outside the box in terms of how people think we should be getting exposure for the sport and I think that part is pretty cool.

Fast Eddy

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Jerry Zaden is a stock truck wheelin maniac. Kudos to anyone who can run one of those as well as a full blown TT. Jay Leno was 3 1/2 hrs in is lap and was still 10 miles out of Prim with 10 cars chewing him up. Jerry pops off a near 2 hr lap to finish. The real winner here is the Mint 400. Congrats on a superb media blitz bringing attention to something the folks at home can relate. I hope more of shows like this come to be.