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The Mojave Road


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I'm looking to touch base with persons that have driven the Mojave Road. I'd like some helpful tips a to what to expect, what gear to bring along and other advice.


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Myself along with 3 other trucks did it 3 weeks ago for the BITD race. Left Sacramento at 5am. Met up in Barstow. Decided to bypass the creek crossings. Heard after the creeks is a really cool wide open wash section. Headed to Rasor road and started at 2 pm Cool road from gas station to mojave road. stop at rock pile and american flag. Fast road to dry (soggy) lake bed. Stay on trail. deep. Cool section after, with two track and some fast drop offs. Note when you get to kelbaker road, mojave trail is south on kelbaker 200 feet. Made mistake and went straight across in wash. Fun was, lots of tire size boulders around corners. cool soft sandy road. Starts getting tight between joshua trees, and 2-3 feet whoops. just after mail box, its important to know you can take a left on to fast "baja roller" road. this worad is about 10 miles, goes north, but bypasses 10-15 miles of 3 feet whoops. this will run you into kelso cima paved road, take a right for 10 miles south and hook back onto wasy gravel road now.after 15 miles or so you need to veer slight left back onto mojave road. its a tight road, lots of joshua trees. about 10 miles in we had a truck break and spindle. we broke just befor ivanpah road which turns into Lanfair which if taken south runs into goff road. take Goff road east and that runs into 95. At this point I'm out, but its important to know that there is a wash out with a by pass around it. From what I'm told its marked really well. Due to a accident on 95, we jumped back on the trail to Laughlin. Again important to know, at the top of the mountain there are 2 ways One of which is kinda straight and heads south towrards AVI casino. The other which is super twisty and heads into downtown Laughlin. We took the twisty, and i must say by 8 pm I was over it. Take fixing the broken spindle out, we could ghave done the whole trail in 4-6 tops. I've heard of people taking 3 days, and enjoying the sights. Have fun


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From JA89 note above. If you take the power line road after the mailbox about a mile after the cattle guard there is an intersection...stay straight thru the gate. If you turn right you'll end up in the property owners house. He was cool the day we met him but wanted us to go the proper direction.

Mojave Road


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I also recommend this book as a guide.

Mojave Road Guide - An Adventure Through Time (Mojave Road Guide) Spiral-bound – 2010
by Dennis Casebier (Author)