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The most revolutionary off-road race vehicles?


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I read this as 'revolutionary' not 'winning-est.' Mickey and Strope did a lot of 'revolutionary' stuff.

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Being that it is the only one out there, I'm going with the Danzio TTTT #90 as being in that category. Yes it is a Geiser chassis which is cookie cutter to some but, on low boost it puts roughly 200 more HP to the tire than any other TT out there. The amount of electronics on that truck and the amount of data that can be pulled from it by removing a chip at a pit stop is astounding. The engine lasts twice as long as a standard(1000mile) TT engine and still looked good when it came time for tear down probably could have gone another 500+ miles. Top speed at the Mint, 145MPH with a lot of skinny pedal left according to the data.
The engineering in the power plant, and the truck as a whole is amazing, in a sport that is so monkey see monkey do, it's a shame others haven't gone the turbo route, there really would be no going back once they stepped into that power on tap.
Maybe I'm just biased, but I know I would sure like to drive something faster than any other truck in its category at 40% less throttle over the span of a race.
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Big Oly the first trophy truck!

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I have to agree with Chris. Big Oly was the coolest upgrade from what was being raced at the time. M/T did some great cars back then, but they just didn't finish as well as Big Oly.
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Big Oly, Funco Wampuskitty/Bandido/SS, and the original Meyers Manx. Everything after those is just building on the concept.


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The wilsons kuster raceco. Took alot of balls to cut the front of a championship winning beam car and convert it to A arms. Some of mike stapletons magic. One of the early class1 one innovations before the truggy.

It then went on to change off roading in australia. Got a porsche flat 6 and was the first Aarm buggy to race in australia with Brad Zacka. It is currently owned by Team taylor. Love that car.

I only have a picture in Brad Zackas colors. Although i beleive the wilsons used the same color combination.
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UTVs by far. In fact, we are now getting guys that used to race bikes and ATVs joining us and then we have people who have never raced the desert before, joining us as well. This will be the biggest branch of our sport in the near future. it already is in some races where entries exceed 60 -- biggest class.
A few years ago I said that in time most of the non-truck Classes and maybe Class 1 will be diminished and racers will jump into UTVs.
The sports owes a big thank to the pioneers, such as Yamaha with the Rhinos. But the biggest effort and the biggest thank from all of us has to go to Polaris for basically reinventing the sport.
Now it's up to the other factories to step in and improve it.
Everything looks good for the future if we can just keep our lands open.
Hint, we are going back to Baja just in case.



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Just for the Team / Factory concept ya gotta give a nod to the Ford Rough Riders . Mutiple trucks with multiple drivers in multiple classes . It was an awesome concept while it lasted


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And not innovative. There were teams like this long before the Rough Riders. JD Brand, The Uniroyal Laredos, Modern Motors, etc...

And the PJ Blazer was just a bigger version of Big Oly, which was a take off on the Crazy Colt, all PJ related. And just about every front engined Trophy Truck and all Truggies today are based on what those first V8 front engined unlimited cars were 45 years ago.