The new Jeep (pics)!!


What A Joke
Jeep revealed a new Product today and we were lucky enough to be able to get a sneak peak at it!

This is a Preview of the 2002 Jeep CJ Bike!

Check out this killer coil-over setup on the back which appears to be some kind of 2-link setup? And if you look close you can see that those are Monroe shocks up front! Man I bet this thing can haul through the wash and suck up those whoops

This is the Jeep's owner who was lucky to get one since the demand is so high! He was nice enough to let us have a closer look!

And then we had to take it for a test drive, the driver was unwilling to let us take it so force was needed.

Last words:

Man I got to get me one of these! HA!

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