The NORRA Experince in PIctures


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I am posting this for those that might consider running NORRA. This isn't a daily race report but is meant to give you a better idea of the total adventure you have been missing out on! Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the first NORRA Mexican 1000 and will be epic! Those of you who have done NORRA, please feel to add your pictures. I hope this will inspire more people to get prepping for next year!


Our 2016 experience started with a full prep by Dave Tilton, a new race engine built by longtime engine builder Bob Giese and a fresh trans from Wright Gearbox. One improvement we did was to toss the vintage side shifter in the trash can and install a cable shifter from Cable Shift. Wow shifts like a Porsche now!

The Adventure Begins!

Our plan was to leave for Mexico on Friday April 22nd so I flew to California on Tuesday the 19th. I flew into Palm Springs so that we could go straight to Ocotillo Wells for testing. We needed to jet the carb and get a fuel mileage reading.

Palm Springs is the coolest airport! Where else can you work on your tan AFTER going through security!

Getting picked up in a limo doesn't even come close to being picked up at the airport like this!

A fairly short drive and we are in Ocotillo Wells for testing. Unfortunately our test only went 4 miles when our trans split open.

after a very short test session, the engine is out and the trans is next to come out

Not really what you want o see 2 days before leaving for Baja!

Thankfully there just happened to be another Iconic Funco sitting right next to our car (The Bel-Ray Bullet) which had to cancel NORRA this year due to back surgery. So with Bud Feldkamp's blessing and encouragement, we stole both the engine and the fresh Wright Grearbox trans. Dave have to due a little fab work to make our Morse cable work with the Bel-Ray's engine.

After some long hours of last minute trashing we had a car ready for NORRA. We worried about all the other things we still needed to do, but Jake Johnson showed up with the groceries for the long chase days!

Friday April 22nd

Friday morning and we are ready to leave the shop for Mexico!

Always exciting to see this sight!

Ensenada!! Only minutes from our favorite taco's

Las Brisa's Taco's for lunch

Next Jake Johnson and I headed to registration to pick up arm bands and a bottle of Azunia Tequila. Registration is of course followed by a party!

Checked in to our two bedroom house were we will be for the next two nights. The entry way to the front door made a great car port for the race car.

Saturday April 23rd

What a nice view to wake up to! Will leave for Contingency soon

Breakfast at the San Nicolas. ORHOF Bob Steinberger, The Weatherman joined us for Breakfast

My favorite picture on the wall at the San Nicolas Hotel

Contingency: NORRA does a great job with the vintage cars on display. It's a great street party, social gathering and tech inspectors come to us! Best contingency in off road racing!

Lined up and in good company

The Banshee Raced this year and was a class killer!

It was great to see Coco form Coco's Corner at Contingency

The Rippin' Rooster in its new Evil Knievel paint scheme

Cool AMC!

Bikes getting ready to start during Contingency

Bikes are off

Dave makes a new friend. This guy races an old Funco like ours in Code and Record races in Baja

The Weatherman who was this years Grand Marshall speaks to us at the drivers meeting with Cameron Steele and Mr. NORRA Ed Pearlman standing near.

Drivers meeting

Of course the drivers meeting was followed by another big party

Race Day! Sunday April

Waiting at the start with Multiple Baja overall champion, Mark Stahl

I drove the first half of the day and Jake drove the second half. Here we are trying to figure out what is wrong with the carb. Dave is getting some more tools.

John Gable (son of Clark Gable) and Curt Leduc, were our neighbors at our hotel in Bay of LA. Larry Ragland was also staying here.

Jake trying to blow silt out of the car while I was negotiating use of the water hose. Eventually we were able to wash the car before the start of Day 2

Jake started Day two and I got to chase for the first half of the day

Bring lots of Steeekers!

Our nice undisclosed location in Loreto

I drove the first half of the day out of Loreto
It was a fun drive up to the old Mission

Jake Johnson brings the car to the finish in La Paz

The Banshee

Finish line street party in La Paz!

Robert Acer is a real life super hero in Baja. Great guy dong great work for the kids!

Day 4 last day of racing. I drove the whole day and didn't get many pictures

Nice suite at the Cabo Azul!




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On our way next door to the awards at the Grand Mayan
Impressive entry!

What a great Welcome we got!

Nice Hardware Store!

All cleaned up in our Glen Helen Sponsor Shirts! We really missed the Feldkamp's this year but without their help we wouldn't be sitting here.

Awesome Party! Spanish Tony can be seen in the foreground. keep a lookout for their new Gentleman's Guide to Racing - NORRA

Class Winner!

NORRA 2016 ends with a huge fireworks display!

Who will be be there next year?[/URL]


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Nice write up. It's hard not to be inspired...


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Thanks John, lots of class 5 cars there. You would have a blast.

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