The Not So Mini - Mini Reserection


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I want to start off this thread different. I want to give a huge thanks to Geoff Falzone the owner of Giant Motorsports, and Brandon at btf fabrication. Both of them helped me out a ton, and gave me a lot of advice. I was very luck with the quality of stuff I have received. All the giant parts were truly bolt on once the factory stuff was removed and holes were drilled. I will be lifetime customers of both!

93 ford ranger 4.0 v6 5spd. Power windows, door locks, and mirrors.

Suspension front: Giant 8" over a side beams, giant radius arms and brackets, 3 tube bypass and coilover, and btf fabrication hoops. Some where around 20"+ of travel

Rear Suspension: Giant 64" leaf pack, Rad Flo link killer bypasses, Currie 9" with Giant truss, stock third member, expo disc brakes, and btf fabrication bed cage. Right around 19" of travel to the beginning of the bump stop.

Well it started off life as this truck. Just simple drop down brackets, 31" at's, and bucket seats.

I then bought the Mini back from geoff. I knew I could not be able to make this truck a good daily driver again, so I stripped it. I feel bad about giving up on it, but all the parts are going back on the new truck.

It then became this...

and I had a pile of parts

Next began the tear down of the extra cab

Now I started bolting stuff on. Got the mini beams on and the glass

Then the rear suspension

Then I got the driveshaft and drove it out of the garage and back in

Next it was time for the hoops that brandon built me. I am stoked with the work he did for me.

In progress pictures:

Picked it up from Brandon's house

Then it was time for me to tie up lose ends. I had to drop it to find the limit strap sizes and rear brake line size.



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I then took it for a quick jump test. You see what stock steering does lol.

Then I realized that VISTA DRIVELINE made my driveshaft to short, and also uses low quality u-joints. My pinion angle was off, but I fixed that before the first desert trip. This was out in plaster city :eek:. Good thing I brought 5 spares lol.

Broken u-joint number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Then I finally went to oceanside drive line and got everything rebuilt perfect. Truck runs smooth now and I also got 4.88 gears with a new limited slip.

Painted my bedcage. Stripped it down one night after work and sanded everything. Painted it the next day after work, and put everything back together. Way TOO much work!

Before and after

Painted and with tint

Went to the lucerne race (MDR 400) and this is what happened to my motor when I got home. I was only parked out side for 30 minutes :eek::eek::eek::eek:

Next came Tuff Trucks where I had a blast. Got some good photo's also.



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Looking good!!!

Giant Geoff

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Trucks looking great Mike, sucks your motor craped out after a couple trips.


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Trucks looking great Mike, sucks your motor craped out after a couple trips.
Thanks geoff, it got so much worse. My friends could actually watch oil spit out of my truck when I was WOT :eek::eek::eek:.

Oh well new motor is going in tonight, and hopefully night run saturday night :D


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Got the truck running. It is have a little bit of fuel problems that are either related to the sensors or the fuel system itself. I just have to chase them down. Truck has been driving since saturday night.

Rebuilt one coil over, going to revalve the bypasses this week, then rebuild the other coil over and front bypasses when I get some more shock oil. Shocks are really simple, just have to be careful when you take them apart.


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Had a blast at the night race cruising around. Had some carange, did some work, and a buddy got a good picture of my truck :D.

Carnage. My rotor is on the right, and good one is on the left.

Then cut out the inner fenders



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The truck looks good Mikey
I gota stop and check this thing out next time I see it
Yeah just come by any time. If you want I will give you ride out there when I get it dialed in. Should have most of that done before next trip :D.

My list of things to get done though

Just putting this hear so I can keep track of it.

Plumb rear brakes with hard line (**BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME** rear brakes!)
Replace pinion seal on 9" third
Revalve front shocks
Mount race radio better
Fix steering
Mount Fenders
Buy a fiberglass hood
Wire amber light
Buy optima
Buy new corner marker
Buy and mount limit straps
Fix cigarette lighter
Mount bumper
Weld on Radius arm mounts
Fix a/c
Fix dash lights
Get it running better


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Been a while since I posted in here

Got some pics and video this weekend :D. Pictures are all from Matt Dormack

[ame=""]YouTube - Mikey Jumping Shell Reef[/ame]


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Woah been a while since I posted over here. Pictures will tell the story lol.

Made it into a magazine :001_cool:

Truck not running good and shocks are untuned



Eh 7 months later after basic training was over, the truck looks a lot different lol. Cage, 35's, more work, cell, different spare arrangements, and more to come...

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