The Off-Road Nationals : July 5-6 : Glen Helen


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Join us at Glen Helen Raceway July 5-6 for the Off-road Nationals. 3 races in 2 days and huge prize purse if y'all can bring the numbers.

Race 1: Night race, 10 mile desert course, 60 min, 1 car every 15 seconds
Race 2: Day race, 10 mile desert course, 90 min, land rush start (10 cars per row)
Race 3: Night race, Lucas Oil Track - 15 laps , short course style start (2 by 2 moving)

Class 5, 1/2-1600, 1450, TrophyLite, Youth UTV 170, 250 and 540

Starting Line-Up:
There will be a sight lap and a qualifying lap for every class except Youth UTV. We will start the night race in the finishing order of qualifying. The lowest elapsed time from Race 1 will take the pole position for the start on Saturday morning, then we will work left from the pole position. Saturday morning will be a land rush start with 10 cars on a row. The short course race will be the overall results from race 1 and 2 INVERTED! That's right, last will be first and first to worst

Classes 5, 1/2-1600 and TrophyLite:

$500 of each entry fee goes to the purse up to 9 cars in the class. After 10 entries, we will offer a $10,000 purse. After 15 entries, we will offer a $12,500 purse and at 20 cars we will offer $15,000 and so on.

Class 1450:
We will offer $500 per entry up to 10 cars entered. At 15 cars and up, we will offer a $7,500 purse and at over 20 cars there will be a $10,000 purse.

Payouts are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places only in all classes except the Youth UTV. The total purse is divided between the top three finishers.

Register or Pay your deposit ($500) by June 14 to avoid additional $100 for on site registration.

Classes 5, 1/2-1600 and TrophyLite: $1300
Class 1450: $800
Youth UTV 170, 250 and 570: $175

Register at Race the Nats
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jon coleman

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inverted' Australian pursuit' races are fun, did one road racing ,on paper all the cars should finish at the same time at the end of race, no that dosent happen, what does happen is Constant wheel to wheel fun...


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What are the entry numbers to date? Rentals spoken for?
Hey Kyle! Last I checked we have a few that have actually registered/paid a deposit since registration is through the website and is relatively new. Mostly verbal commitments at this point and in the meantime we hope to spread the word. TrophyLite is pretty close to 15 so far. Class 5 Coalition says they have 12 coming. I'll round up some numbers today for 1600, 1450s and Youth UTVs.

All 3 TL Rentals have been "Claimed" I guess you can say but only 1 has left a deposit. I'll get an update on that as well.


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What are the entry numbers to date? Rentals spoken for?
Kyle, Rental may be available. Call Jason (623)570-0474 if you want to reserve it. Also 8 TL teams have registered, 6 more verbal commitments. Serveral 1600s, Class 5 have committed as well. Jason thinks more entries will pop up after SNORE250 and the 500.


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Attention: Class 1450 and Youth UTV:
Your starting position in race 1 will be determined by your sign up time online. First signed up, first off the line. Second signed up, second off the line.
Register at !



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Is there a entry list for all classes?
We understand knowing who is attending is important to getting others involved and we have been trying very hard to get that entry list established unfortunately there hasn't been much success with the pre-registration but A LOT of verbal commitments. If those commitments arrive at Glen Helen on Thursday/Friday THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

While there is an entry list I don't have access to it but I'll get it from Jason asap. There are not many who pre-registered through the website so for the most part we only have verbal commitments from some 1600 and 1450 guys. Class 5 Coalition was saying they were all in but haven't heard from them lately. Youth UTV folks are still up in the air as well. We do have a good idea of the TL folks signed up and others verbally committed.
So here is the order in which they will pick their spot to qualify as of 6/18/19.

1. J. Fitos
2. T. Williams
3. J. Cobb
4. C. Wardle
5. KJ Hawkins
6. P. Fogg Jr.
7. P. Tolar
8. G. Bragg
9. C. Winner
10. R. Winner
11. R. Sanchez
12. T. Mozden

Still waiting:
13. J. Herling
14. R. Herling
15. L. Schmueser III
16. J. Rossi
17. W. McMurray
18. J. Ferrari
19. D. Carey
20. T. Fall
21. J. Slavic
22. E. Slavic


Unfortunately I'm going to skip this event on the factors of the unknown, I cant see spending the money or time watching small car counts. I wish this race nothing but success!