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does anyone here have any experience with lowered cars...actually, putting stock springs back onto a crx???? are there any tricks to it, or is it pretty straightforward? seems like all i need is a spring/strut compressor, and the rest is kinda easy...but i could be wrong. and while on the subject, anyone know of any import(honda) junkyards in the oc area? i need a stock front bumper for the same crx(white???), or maybe even a website or shop that deals with used parts???


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Hey Gary. There is H-HONDA in Santa Ana it's off 17st between Newhope and Harbor. I dont Know the number just 411 it. If it's not H-Honda it's Independent Honda . They deal just with honda's it's a autowreckers. Hope that helps.
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I will cehck with my neighbor. What parts do you need besides bumper?


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all i need is a front bumper, from a 91 crx si..white'd be nice. i've got stock springs for it already.

thanks for the help


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you dont even need a spring compressor for hondas
they are real easy

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thanks for the #. i'll probably be checking them out on monday. the lowered springs have been cut, like 2 inches, so they are actually loose on the strut at full droop (can i use that term here?)...they rattle around on it, in fact...too short by like an inch. not too worried about getting those off- removing the whole strut assembly from the car is the only part i'm really concerned with...not sure how easy it'll be, or if it requires lots of disassembly of the suspension to get the struts out. i gotta check out the honda book first....

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Gary taking them apart is very simple, the bolts on top and some at the bottom, the front will be like a wishbone should take no time at all. I would get a spring compressor though to make things a little easier on yourself. Sometimes you need them sometimes you dont.

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