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Does any one know what the most successful TT is? I don’t mean brand/builder. I mean jimco chassis number 22 or whatever. A specific vehicle (reworked or not)

Andy has won a bunch of races but he’s also raced different trucks. Recent memory says Geiser, TSCO, and now his Mason.
Rob Mac has won a bunch in his truck but, I have no idea how many trucks he’s had or if he’s had the same one forever.
Jesse jones seems to sell his truck at the finish line every race and get a new one.

Is there a TT that has the most wins regardless of age and how many owners it’s had? There has to be but, what Truck has had the most first place trophies put on its resume?

And I know it doesn’t really matter. I just am wondering and kinda hoping to learn about some history.

I’d love to hear about lifelong dominating cars/trucks from other classes too.

lil manny

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I would think the Herbst Landshark would be up there but Was there multiple landsharks built??

Big Hock

Even though techically class 1, the Landshark won as many overall victories as class 1 so I’d have to go with that one. RG/Riviera Truck is up there as well. He’s been gone for awhile but Garron Cadiente had a hell of winning streak going back in the mid 2000’s. Also Ivan’s trucks got swapped out pretty regularly, but I bet if you picked one he probably racked up quite a few wins.


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My guesses would be the riveria truck, voss’s truck, and didn’t sourapas’ #6 truck have a lot of wins with different drivers?


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Rob Mac in his Geiser 3 Baja 1000's in a row before this last 1000 that Apdaly won. Also Larry Ragland in Arnold had a 3 straight Baja 1000 win streak I think.


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Brian Collins and his #12 SPD-Collins TT which is now Dallas Luttrell's #87 TT . This truck still has a few wins left in her


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No, Jason has not won a Baja race in the Jimco yet! He has in Pro Truck. He has I believe second and thirds in the Jimco in Baja. Won the 1000 twice in Robs Geiser

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