The Plumber


Aug 31, 2009
Monrovia, CA
__My how time flys. It was just yesterday, I think it was the Mint 400? in Parker. Myself, my sister and Joey L. were waiting for my sisters X to arrive at a predetermined point to pit/fuel him on his Husky 250WR during prerunning. He was LATE. We were worried. All of a sudden a Cesna circled us, then flew to within 10' AGL and dropped out a piece of paper. I ran over to get it and it read; "Man injured on motorcycle, follow me." Instantly we just knew it was our man. We proceeded backwards on the race-coarse, following the airplane, dodging the ocassional buggy and bike coming head on at us whilst they were prerunning the course and oblivious as to what they had passed some miles back, and I am sure, woundering what WE WERE DOING driving backwards on a race course. The plane spead up and began to circle, I told my sister and Joey to look HARD, he is here, CLOSE, someplace. Laying just out of view I spotted him, almost at the top of a ravien that was a good 50 ' wide, 50' across is where his body flew after coming off the bike at maybe 90 or better, unaware of a turn... There was our man, laid out on the ground, the Husky wadded up some 60' away. The plane continues to circle and sees we have it under control and the plane leaves. Our man had a broken femur bone, right thigh if i remember right. He was in shock too, but aware. JOEY finds a freaking 2x4 the perfect lengh in the middle of the desert, unbelievable, and we splint him up using our belts We loaded him in the van, and now proceeded with race traffic towards the highway, the highway on the California side I do believe. We came upon a check point and little did we know, but the pilot had radioed ahead and told folks of our plight. We were stopped and a woman proclaimed she was a nurse and they opened the rear doors of the van and she crawled in and imediatly began to cause our man PAIN. We therw her out, BYBY, it was just her, just her doing NOTHING but causing pain. We left REAL QUICK w/ our man laying comfortable, as comfy as anyone can be in that state. We reached the highway and proceeded towards Needles. I remember we were going maybe 90MPH or so down a long road towards the river and I saw a police car coming towards us code 3, lights-a-blazin'. I think it may have been a Polaris, cop car, pedal to the metal. I can see it coming at us, floating on the peeks of the highway, the heat mirages billowing, flying towards us, just as fast as it would go. The police car passed us and in the rear view mirror I saw the cop do a full-on Hollywood-broadslide-tire-spinnin'-tire-smokin' and screaching 180! The cop caught up to us and pulled us over. We thought we were going to get a ticket. Out of the police car jumped a man and he got opened the rear door of the van, climed in and said we had a police escort to Needles hospital. TRUST ME when I tell you I am beginng to tear here... Anyways, were following this police escort and we get to Needles hospital and they say that they can NOT help our man, the injuries are too severe, and he has to go to a California hospital. The man that got out of the police car and got into the van on the highway was the same man who was flying the airplane. He and our man's dad went to needles airport and stripped out some seats from the plane and they made a bed. Our man was transported to the airport and loaded up and flown to El Monte airport. The pilot was only VFR rated if I remember right and VFR flight rules were NOT in effect due to visibility if I remember right but the pilot declared an emergency and landed in IFR conditions. Six months later our man was out of bed and begining to learn to walk again. If your still here, here is the good part...;

The pilots name was Mickey Thompson. . .

A local automotive repair shops owner currently owns the home where Mickey and Trudy were killed. Not but maybe 6 months ago I went to that home to do a lil plumbing. I was not looking forward to it. It brought back MANY a mixed emotion. Emotions about "our man", my sisters X, and how he abused me (not sexually but LOTS of other dispickable ways) but mostly about Mickey and his wifes lives being cut short, cut short all for greed as I understand it. When I was departing the property a discussion broke out, outside between me and the current owners wife during goodbyes. I shut off my deisel to talk to her and basically I told her the above story. It had been many a year since all this happened and being at that property and telling my story was very overwhelming. I quit fighting the tears and let em roll just for a moment during my story to her. The reply from her was awsome and heartfelt, of coarse she was in awe at my story about Mickey. All the while, whilst I spoke to this gal there was a man across the street, obviously the neighbor / property owner who I am sure heard my every word. I surmised that my words were meant for this man to hear as well. I have learned he was one of the Thompsons good he heard my words as you do here now as well, and all, I am sure, will remember the kind hearted Mickey Thompson...I met him once, what a meeting it was...

__If you knew Mickey I am sure you will say, "Yep, that's him!" I hear this a lot. If you do not remember him, you are learning, learning about this sport and some of the people whom started it going big time. ...............................Maybe in my next life I can race or sit shotgun in a Trophy Truck or be a mamber of a pitcrew...

I can not afford to race, and my Jeep J-10 Truck I am restoring is a $ pit! HA! THAT'S why I am here.... I begin a search for wiring Gurus, maybe local...

You asked for an intro, I hope I didn't bore you and you liked it.... You can read more about my restoration here;

Brad Davis