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With all the organizations and promoters feverishly touting their series in 2017, as do we, we want to do something special for our second event of the seven-event PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES - The March 18, PURE "150" Race #2 of the series. The event will start promptly at 10 a.m.
First car to finish all three laps (50.6-mile laps = 150 miles-plus) will get the checkered flag and all subsequent finishers, no matter how many laps they may have completed, will receive the checkered *** as well. In some circles they call this Gran Prix style. In our AVE/BP Racing circles since 1986, it's been the BP style finish.

To make it more interesting and perhaps attract some sandbagers in other series, we (Lois and me) will put up $500.00 to the overall winner (Pro or Sportsman/Amateur), only if we can find a sponsor, a group of sponsors or even racers that can MATCH that figure. We are looking to award $1000.00 or $20,360 pesos (THIS WILL BE GREAT IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO RACE THE SAN FELIPE 250 TWO WEEKS LATER) to the Overall winner after three laps. If you wish to be part of this as a sponsor contributor and/or individual, send us your contribution before March 1 separately, which will be deposited in a special account, and your name will go on the trophy, ads and special promotion for the event. We will also keep everyone informed daily or as warrented as to the amount of the purse as individuals and/or companies contribute to this extra purse, until we reach our $1000 goal. If you sign up among the first your name will appear as many times as we update the pot.

Remember, entries open February 13 at the crack of dawn and starting positions will be determined by Class accordingly at 9 a.m. of the 13th.
When you send your contribution to this special AVE/BP PURSE GOLD, make sure you list the way your name of the company name is to be listed.