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The Race must go on!


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Fellow Class 9 Racers.
Tomarrow we will be racing in Barstow at the MORE Mighty Mojave 300.
With out saying this race has lost alot of the excitment and anticipation becouse of this weeks tragic attacks on the USA. It truly brings back into focus what is really important, and racing is NOT it!
I feel it is important to continue on and take a bold stand for all Americans and Racers and not let this type of thing to cause fear and to keep us from our freedom to race or any other activity.
Therefore we will be dedicating our race in honor of all those who lost that freedom this week!
as well as in loving Memory of my best friend Sandy Parker who passed away in July, Sandy was a long time lover of 9 cars and even though he sold me his winning car it will always be his!
Whatever the outcome of this race it is not us who will be winning or losing but the memory of Thousands of precious lost Americans. Thanks Rob Stapp #975


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MORE Mighty Mojove 300 results:

1st Place - Rob Stapp, Todd Craig - We Won, America Wins
2nd Place- Tyler Petersen
3rd Place- B.J. Proctor
4th Place- Mike Norris

Story and pictures to come soon on Formula Nine!


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Congrats to Stapp/Craig!!!

Send me those pix! (F9 needs some new stuff on it!)