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The Re-wilding of america


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I just found the following story - somewhat long - that outlines the extreme environmentalist's plan for how they will <font color=yellow>"rewild"</font color=yellow> america ...

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.insightmag.com/archive/200104247.shtml>http://www.insightmag.com/archive/200104247.shtml</A>

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I just finished the re-wilding article. All I can say is YIKES! These people are pathological. I encourage everyone I know
to get involved any way they can. I hate to say though, most just don't take this stuff seriously. Thanks for the updates and links.

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Yeah, its pretty scary ~ the specific item about how a hefty profit is made through selling this land back to the government is of special note - that is what The Nature's Conservancy does and they are also receiving money from Ford and GM.

Also, most notable, is the gentlemen behind this re-wilding of America. He is not only involved in the <font color=yellow>Sierra Club</font color=yellow> but also <font color=yellow>Earth First!</font color=yellow> If you are unfamiliar with EF! Visit <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.earthfirst.org>http://www.earthfirst.org</A> for information on this little group - they were partially, if not fully responsible for the demise of the Barstow to Vegas race and set boobie traps that could have killed some riders, if they weren't seen before hand.

It's scary and if the Sierra Club is involved - its on their list of todo's!

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The Wildlands Project along with the Center for Biodiviersity are located in Yuma, AZ.

Captain Fidel and myself will be passing through this are on the way to Rocky Point in May.

Of course, we'll stop by the HQ, of these human pieces of [censored] for a photo opp.. Do you all have anything that you'd like us to pass along to these assholes?

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HA HA HA - well since the Center is on your way
hmmmm... so many things come to mind
I'm sure Mr. Patterson won't appreciate any visit by one of us <font color=yellow>evil off-roaders,</font color=yellow> but you could send him our love and appreciation for bringing the OHV community together from 2 & 4 wheel to rock crawlers to racers - to fight for our rights....and get organized - he was instrumental in bringing that about - and I'm sure that he and his organization are proud
... as for the Wildlands Project - you know that the guy (whose name escapes me) says he is a registered Republican - what do you think about that Patrick?

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