Feature Vehicle The Rising Class 5 Champion



By Jason Stilgebouer

The Volkswagen Bug is one of the earliest types of vehicles to compete in desert racing, and the legacy of the Bug continues to compete in several different classes. Those class specifications can range from stock known as Class 11 to the wildest configurations ready to tame Baja known as Class 5. The rules for this class are simple; all race vehicles must have the external appearance of a Baja Bug, must not exceed the stock wheelbase of 105″, and maintain a stock concept of VW suspension (trailing arms, swing axles, IRS.) As for everything else, the class is wide open, depending on which organization you are racing in, you can run any engine you would like and are limited to the displacement. In other series, racers are limited to specific engine specifications, though the days of running Grandmas 54 horsepower VW motor in this class are long gone.

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Zac Reish

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This boy is a rising star. I have had the pleasure of racing him and many nice conversations with him over the last 2 years. He has many big wins in class 5 or any other class he chooses to go to coming in the very near future. All of us in class 5 are lucky to have such a talented and nice up and coming racer. See you soon bud.