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The Subaru Crosstrek Enters the Baja 500 with Grabowski Brothers Racing and Crawford Performance


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its 3500 + pounds with 500lbs of UN sprung +or- lbs its fast when it runs its just the keeping it running is the problem the kids are great drivers and good all around guys they just need need to go on a jenny Craig to get home is all


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How is that thing a 5 car? Did they just throw all the rules out the window? Did "5" just become a short WB beam car open class?
I had a long c Nveration with them in contingency about this question. And the short answer is yes.

Unbenowenced to me, SCORE change do the rules (shocker) on 5U class and you can run anything under 2.5L. They seem to be very close to working out the bugs, and have worked their azzes off getting everything in their motor package to communicate correctly. Subaru appears to be using them as a test mule to get that motor dialed in for bigger things.


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Never saw any 5 opens through RM80

was that the only 5 car enterd? A lot of car to not make 80 miles
I was driving a chase truck up from Urupan to Lagrimas at RM58-ish to get our 8 truck out and saw them coming down from the access to RM70 through the vineyard with one of their chase guys towing the car. I didn't ask them what happened but they all looked ok, just very dirty and tired.


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I remember all of the Porsche 911's racing back in the 80's and 90's. I don't know if the rules ever stated that class 5 had to be a Volkswagen bug/ convertible.

I could be wrong but I thought they allowed certain body styles like the Porsche. I don't see a problem with the body

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