The Top 10 Storylines in Off-Road & Rally in 2013


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Alright, I'm doing a special next Monday on the Down & Dirty Radio Show on the "Top 10 Storylines in Off-Road and Rally in 2013" and I need your input. Below are mine.... What are yours? We'll have a roundtable next Monday on air when Matt Martelli, Cortney McRae, the boys from RDC, and myself discuss. Post up yours. What do YOU think were this years biggest stories?

1) BJ Baldwin wins Back to Back Baja 1000’s solo
2) Topi Heikkinen’s 5 straight GRC race wins including 2 X-Games
3) Carl Renezeder takes 7 straight wins in Pro-4
4) The Roger Norman era of SCORE begins
5) The Mint 400 solidifies itself as one of the world’s premier motorsports events
6) Volkswagen wins the WRC Championship in its debut year
7) KOH’s exponential growth
8) Kurt Casselli passes in the Baja 1000
9) SST announces 2014 schedule including X-Games
10) TORC changes hands


Crane Motorsports
I think #4 should be #1. That Storyline is continuously changing, and affects everyone.


I believe anytime there is a death during the largest offroad race in the world and who the person was and what he meant to the offroad world, definetely overshadows all the others, number 8 should be the #1 story IMO --- RIPKC66 and Jimmy, be careful when you have to many 'voices' on the radio during 'roundtable discussions' - The guests tend to step on each other quite a bit and sometimes it's hard to identify who is even speaking -- Good shows the last couple of ones I've listened to - continued success .........

randy s

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Jimmy love your show , for me it's
1. The roger norman take over of score
2. The loss of curt
3. The gordini
4. The return of sst in 2014


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Thanks for the kind words on the show everyone, and I agree Deano, there comes a point where you can have too many.

As for the story lines, i'm all ears. Feel free to suggest some.

A few off the top of my head not on the list are the Monster Mini's Dakar dominance, Loeb and Pikes Pike (Not quite off-road or rally anymore), Norra 1000 growth, and Red Bull coming in as a title sponsor of Global Rallycross.

Cortney Christine

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Can't wait for this roundtable!

Here's some of my input...

Two of Jim's overlap with mine:
BJ's back to back ironman wins at the 1000

One that's not on the first list:
JCR takes Baja 1000 win for 17th (correct me if I'm wrong) year in a row

Another that I know got a great deal of play in the moto world:
Villopoto and the joker lane


Captain Backpack
in no particular order.. just listing a couple more points that can be added or replaced etc

The fight for johnson valley - congressman cook
Bryce Menzies - 3 TORC P2 championships
Cenni barrel roll
Voss switching back to BFG's and dominating right out of the gate
Deegan with 4 shortcourse championships in the last 3 years
Robby Woods getting punted in the LOORRS cup race missing out on 30k
Dirtlive hotel slumber party

Mark Newhan

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How about RDC Person of the Year... I'd say it'd be a toss up between Casey, RN, Congressmen Cook or even Wayne, Kim or any other person that does so much but isn't in the limelight.

It's time RDC did an awards show... Broadcast it on RDC and have a venue, Tux's and all... Klaus would be my first nominee for starting this shindig known as RDC


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Mark, totally agreed on awards. If RDC decided to do it, I'd hop on board as a sponsor of them

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This topic needs to be a poll, as well as RDC person of the year.


Crane Motorsports
"Steve Sourapas gets to keep Trophy Truck #6" should at least get Honorable Mention.