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The ultimate off-road chase truck

Every time I chase a race I am reminded of all the inadequacies of our chase truck set up. I have see some pretty cool set ups for chasing, eveything from standard beds to full box van style shells.

Here are a few I noticed recently.

What is your ultimate chase truck set up?

What tools are absolute necessity?

Best base truck to start with?

offroad_chase_truck_with_enclosed _trailer.jpg


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Here is the beginnings of our next one. F450 4X4, crew cab, CM utility bed that allows hauling gooseneck installed Tuesday. Chase rack next...


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Chase 3. F250 crew cab 4X4, rack designed by us.


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I think you passed us on the Calentura Rd (aka: Crossover) at this 500 (lots of people psssed us, we were getting cell there and making a plan).
I saw those seats and thought to myself, "Brilliant idea!".
That was me, went through there right as the sun was going down. Hopefully we slowed down enough not to dust you guys out and make sure we got a thumbs up from ya. I can't take credit for the idea, Geoff at Giant and the dude with the Charlie Brown prerunner Ranger had boat seats before I had my chase rack built. I always forgot chairs because I was more focused on the "if this breaks, XY and Z will be needed" mindset so this is my solution.


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I feel most chase truck need an over cab rack. With utility beds the space is small and usually packed with spares ,ice chest , fuel drums. Among all other equipment With an over cab rack the crew can store the luggage We always run out of room in the G and R chase trucks and thankfully our bags fit up top My two cents
We have had bags "disappear" of chase racks. That is why I lean towards fully enclosed rigs.


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Copyright_Mikes_Race_Photo_MRP_1158 webres.jpg

While we don't chase any particular team, I am pretty impressed with our set up from General Truck Body LA-

The tall box is full pass through from side to side and makes storage of large extrication safe, secure but easily accessible.

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For a chase truck- 4x4, utility bed, carry 2 spares, jack, air tools, BIG inverter for electric, some spare parts, suspension enough to travel 50% of race speed on the course if needed. Seating for 4, 2 radios and large GPS screen. Trans oven, small frig. Not so heavy that it is a liability in the rough and detrimental to get to a race car.

Pit truck? -Box van with built in gen. Exterior lighting, ability to carry every spare needed for race x 1 at least. Sleeping for 2 inside. Good canopy with ability to turn into screen room for additional space. And either a ramp or liftgate for stupid big heavy stuff that has to be loaded.