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The vintage 'List' Where are they now cars/people.


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I thought I would start this thread to get people asking questions about where the legends of the sport are now...people, and really what I am looking for are the unsung heros: the cars/trucks. Lots of cars have been cut up, burned up, or otherwise destroyed, but as I have found out, a lot of history remains in barns and garages waiting to be discovered and RACED again.

We have some real experts here on Vintage RDC and we should ask where some of the legends are. I get that if we know where a great find is, we might not want to disclose the owner/location, but in a broader sense we can collectively help add or delete from.....

So I will start...where is the Larry Wilcox class 8? Where is the Charles Martin Rolls Royce? Where is that RV crazy thing that once raced? Where is Walker's CL8 Chevy? I could go on but I want people to post of questions and 'I know' or 'I think I know.'


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Walker Evans Chevy- ORMHOF owns it and it resides in Reno
Larry Wilcox Ford- Steve Olliges owns it and is being prepped by Mark Newhan
Charles Martin Rolls.....unknown
RV motorhome (Condor)- I think it's in Reno also but I could be wrong.


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The Jack Johnson Class 4 went to Europe and raced Dakar in Africa in the late 90's and early 2000's

Mark Newhan

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I know this is for sale if anybody is interested. I believe that the price isn't that bad


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Who currently owns Scoop's truck and Blazer? I know Cam Theriot owned one or both, but I thought he was selling.


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Where is the Fritz Kroyer's Mint 400 winning Hijumper? Fritz was the 'original bad ass.' Still works for his son Kevin at Kroyer Racing Engines next to the speedway in N Las Vegas.


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What ever happened to all the Ivan Stewart Protrucks ? Were they converted into TTs ? Other class trucks etc ?


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both the Blazer and the F100 Cam still owns. I talked to him for quite a while at NORRA..he is selling the F100 for 120k. But that was the day before he damaged it at Norra.....Awesome truck, but 100% original...no windshield or roof bars inside the cab, but what an iconic truck...I was proud to start right in front of him, and grinned ear to ear when he blew past me in town in Ensenada, rules.......who needs rules when you are driving Scoop's truck.....F%$*#$ awesome...



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Whatever happened to the Roseanne TT/CL8
restoration. Somebody bought it and was going to restore it, but I haven't seen an update in over a year. Anyone?