The wait is over! KORE Mint video released to general public!


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I know EVERYBODY has been waiting breathlessly for another stock full video, so here it is. There's a little something for all our friends in there. Thanks to Robin Stover for a lot of the pictures from the Mint 80s party, I don't know who some of those knuckleheads are but I will definitely be losing some sleep. Also, special thanks to our friends at Camburg once again for the bitchin' tube clamps that made this all possible.



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I Enjoyed it!


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Awesome! Great Production!!! Good times for sure, even though I came home with the "Mintflu" or whatever it was and feet swollen for a week from wearing those boots at Contingency I would do it all over again in a second, was one of the best weeks ever I had in Vegas...Can't wait for next year!


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Thank you, I'm pretty much shooting for the Oscar for 'best dream sequence in an offroad video.' I know competition is stiff but I have high hopes.

Jerry Zaiden

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Love the dream sequence, and the "DREAM PARTY" was awesome! Well that's what I hear... haha


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Damn Zambo, the removal of your gallbladder seems to have increased your computer monkey skills by ten fold. Perhaps they could remove your spleen and send you to work at NASA. Sweet party.

Kent Kroeker

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Nice video except the soundtrack for the dream sequence was actually "Girl from Ipanema".

In fact, that's what's always playing in my head, even if I'm not dreaming...

Mark Newhan

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Well done! I have never tried acid before, but I bet it is something like that, hehe.