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The Walters Brothers


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Here is a beautiful example of a Class 9 car. You should see the instrument panel...2 lights! I'll get that picture up soon. These guy are super quick. <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.formulanine.com/waltersbrothers.htm> Check out their Bio</A>


John Bitting

That is a very nice looking car. What are the exact rules for shock mounts. Do they have to be stock in the front? Can you run bypass shocks? You guys take a beating and are fast, My hat is off to you 9 car racers...


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John, the shock rules are pretty straight-ahead. Have to use a factory stock beam with the factory shock towers and arms. You can add ONE bar between the shock towers, but it can't touch anything else. The front shocks are therefore limited to ABOUT 6" total travel. The shock body may not be more than 65mm (2 1/2"). You can therefore internally bypass, but external bypass tubes are pretty much impractical. The shafts may be 7/8" thick. Only one shock per corner. The rear shocks can be mounted anywhere. And the rear shock may not exceed 31.5" in length when extended. Reservoirs are allowed. No coil overs or air shocks.

It's funny, you can put a $600 Fox shock at each corner, but you can't trim the engine sheet metal! Go figure.

Cheers, Tim 951