the worst thing in the world is...

randy s

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politics aside, what do you think the worst thing in the world is? my choice is an attack of 100mph guacamole when you're part of a small caravan coming home from san felipe with nary a "pucker" bush on either side of the road.


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It stands for "Code Enforcement Inspection System". Our primary computer program for the city of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety's Code Enforcement division. It was converted from software used by a utility company for meter reading or something similar. It is without a doubt the worst software i have ever seen or heard of. The city of L A spent 2 million dollars and ended up with Pong 2. I always tell the new employees that we don't work "with" CEIS, we work in spite of it.


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the WTAR thread.... I mean come on really?


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Being stuck in an elevator for a long time with a really fat person that cuts a really stinky wet fart!!:(:(

the WTAR thread.... I mean come on really?
Thank goodness you have a choice as to what threads you view when you attend RDC..... LOL! :D

and to answer your question.......... YEAH, IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD! LOL!

Worst thing in the world:

What great Mexican Food does to me if I eat too much of it.....

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I ate at Robertos last night. It was terrific, but what's happening to me today is the worst thing in the world!