The Yamaha SR1 Race Class


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Weller Racing out of Arizona (most of you know Corry Weller aka 450grl) is spearheading a new SPEC UTV class for the Yamaha Rhino. Being that Rhino racers are getting frustrated with spending top dollar on motor to finish outside of the podium it was only natural to begin to think of ways to either 1. put the rhino back in contention with a motor swap or 2. abandon the Rhino altogether for the newer, yet more expensive Kawasaki Teryx. Weller went with option 1 and decided to focus on developing the SR1 class which takes a 1000cc Yamaha R1 Motor and drops right in via a spec developed mounting kit. The reason they chose not to abondon the Rhino is there are arguably more Race Rhino's out there then any other UTV. Lots are sitting and collecting dust. Well now you could arguably perform this swap for less than $3500 and have over 100hp and 6 gears to play with!!!!

I wont ramble on too much here but read about it and ask about it. M4SX has opted to pick up the class, and I am sure with car count larger series would definitley pick it up! There are cars being built right now for this class and R1 motors are being shopped for by many with intentions of racing this class.

SR1 Rules Info:

SR1 Vids:

Corry Weller SR1 Powder Puff Race Recap:
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