They call me Mr. *****


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Call me anything you want just don't call me late for dinner.

Hey all, I'm Roger. Retired Navy, married for 26 years, 2 kids in college. I have an English Mastiff, a charming and svelte 205 pound sweetheart. Her obnoxious sidekick is a 12 pound Shihttzu. I drive a mildly lifted 95 Grand Cherokee and a 2003 Neon. I have a 1990 Ranger SAS project in works, and its already had a cab swap and lots of other work along the way. I do lots of my own repair work, recently rebuilt the A4LD in my son's Explorer. Pretty much "restored" a cheap ugly Cherokee for my daughter. I'm new to fabrication though.

I've been a fan of desert racing for, oh, about 33 years. Never participated. Watched the MDR race series when it hit Ridgecrest for a couple years while we lived there.