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Jun 10, 2009
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Deep in the heart of corn country
Hey guys, my name is Kevin and I live in Minnesota and work in renewable energy. Not a lot of desert around here but it's alot of fun to be able to drift on ice. I sometimes race IMCA stock car and I am fairly new to the idea of off-road racing. I did live in Phoenix for a while and did some running in the desert north of town in the Cave Creek area and really got hooked. My father in law and my wife both race MX and have been trying for a while to get me to run for them. I do pretty well on the home track but it really wrecks havoc on my body. What I'm really interested in is what it would take to get together a truck and race in some sort of amatuer class, but there's not alot available around here. I've been following some of the discussion regarding Baja and I think it's cool that some of the racers post here. Their input is extremely valuable and it's nice to be able to see their prospective on things.


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