THIS is what friends are for


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Many years ago I did that to my buddy. He got stuck in mud at Azusa Canyon in his Land Cruiser. I took my Baja Bug over and did just that. Proceeded to attack with some Brodies from different sides. Someone else tugged him out. Later that day I got stuck... Karma showed up. We are still friends to this day. Grew up in the same neighborhood 50ish years ago.

jon coleman

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reminds me of the mid 80s glamis roost wars, you get there Late( early sat)fri night tool around the 'jungle' looking for were your buddy said they are all camping at, find them, quietly , as they are sleeping, backup your 85 atc 250 , unzipp tent, start-roost, make sure choke on to dump extra two stroke chemicals into tent.then hastely get outa there, aaa good ole yes , pay bax sux..