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Feb 9, 2003
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Got this as a PM...

Hello Mike

My name is Torbjörn, a Swede living in Germany and I just have to ask you a question about the pictures you´ve scanned with Bob Rodine and his buggy. The thing is as follow: I am into small-scale dunebuggies (1:10). I recently found out that one of my fav. smallscale cars (The Kyosho Scorpion) was modeled after Bob Rodine´s buggy. I started some research, but it was quite difficult to find something. But finally I found the pic´s that you´ve scanned for a thread in this forum. My question is: May I use those pic´s that you´ve scanned on my homepage just to show where this 1:10 car actually has it´s roots? I think it would be quite interresting since I guess at least 99% of the rest of us who share the interest of smallscale cars doesn´t really have any idea that it´s actually based on a real car!

This is the link to my homepage. Please "throw an eye" on it if You want!



Check the link out- he has all kinds of restored rc cars- apparently influenced be the "Rodine Runner".
The original thread was the "Top ten coolest buggies"
Here's a link to one of the pics...

Props to RDC for providing such an accessible resource!