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Thoughts on the "1000" PPV that SCORE is offering?

Dirtworks Films

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Anybody gonna pull the trigger and order the $9.95 PPV on SCORES website for the 1000?

Dirtworks Films

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This is all the info I can find!


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So, the only tracking we'll get is if we pay for it?
And, unless someone feeds Weatherman for us, that's
the only way to hear him?


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Its clear Score doesn't know how to monetize what they have. In today's advertising environment all the focus should be on gaining users and selling the advertising. How many of us would have tuned into an official live stream of qualifying with a Monster Logo in the corner?


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so the app is free but if you want to watch it on the app you must pay??
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Who is going to broadcast the weatherman stream this year? It's been done in years past and worked great!


I think unless someone does it from Mexico the closest would be someone near the border like Otay or San Ysidro to stream it.

If I wasnt going Id check out the PPV, not bad for $6. Is it supposed to run the entire race?

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Five and a half bucks is a bargain --- much cheaper than $400 in fuel, $250 hotel, $50 insurance, and getting car broken into and valuables stolen.


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I didn't want to buy it because I'm cheap but Doug made a good point that it's only $6 compared to 4 days in Baja. I'm having taco's Friday. It better be good coverage. NORRA this year was good coverage. I'm expecting that well if not better but I'm sure I'm over expecting.

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Is it just the start and finish line like in years past or do they actually have footage around the course?


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Did they really even show the beginning and end before? I remember all sorts of glitches.

If people are paying (even a measly $6), they better deliver....


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I'll pay for it even while down there, just for the live tracking. Hopefully the network will keep up.


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PCI Weatherman Relay will be live during the #Baja1000 on LiveStream.com and on the Livestream app! Weatherman Bob Steinberger is under the weather but #weatherboy @pciscott will be handling the Weatherman and PCI Customer relay from Diablo with Ralph.