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tijuana border entry into mexico...

randy s

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i decided to have some dental work done at my dentist in tj and always have walked across and taken a cab to and from downtown from the us side to avoid the parking hassle and other risks of trying to find a decent place to park down there without having to wonder whether or not my truck would be there or not afterwards..anyway, nowadays, if you walk across at the tj line, you WILL be asked for your passport or card and your drivers license and or your birth certificate won't do...there's a place you need to walk through with 3 or 4 folks checking and writing you a permit based on your passport i.d info..it's free and won;t take long but you will need the card or passport if you're walking..i cross at tecate all the time in my truck and have never had to show my passport upon entry, even when they pull me over for a quick check..just wanted to pass the word if you have friends or relatives wanting to check out tj and would rather walk across than drive or if you have rotten teeth, no dental plan need to save some pesos to do it, you'll need your passport to get into mexico.... [i know a great dentist down there..PM me..modern and speaks great english..i was introduced to him by RDC rally raid forum pain in the ass and robby gordon's numero uno dakar fan petepecas..thanks migo]..
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I was there yesterday.


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New toys at target.