Tijuana Desert Challenge no live stream??


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Dec 13, 2009
Cabo San Lucas, BCS
What the hell?? This is the race to be able to stream live like a professional surf contest is from WSL around the world. They do it in HD from Tahiti!!!!!!!!

This could have been shot from several locations, drone & heli, commentary desk & contest coverage the entire race with no real down time.

Seriously, I am so disappointed in every so-called live coverage of desert races in 2017.
Don't tell me if I dont like it do my own... Im not the ones covering races. Seriously, embarrassed for 100% of coverage in 2017 of races. I dont want to see a edited video with commentary afterwards race. I want to see actual racing. Direct of Score TV coverage downfall not going to be successful.
Airing weeks & months later isn't 2017 coverage. STREAMING ONLINE in HD with commentary like NFL is 2017 coverage.... Surfing has been doing for over 15yrs & I was in there helping develop the beginning stages.

This is how live coverage online is done & this is live not edited afterwards, no beach, all boats in TAHITI!!!!!!!!!!!!!Watch 6mins in they are doing an interview IN THE WATER both on boards LIVE!!!!