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Tijuana Desert Challenge

This new course, its going to be tougher than the 68 mile loop. Going twice per day uphill to La Rumorosita is going to be tough.

For sure shorter but harder than 2016 and 2017.
Looking at the map at the SCORE site, it's basically the same course has last year with minor changes. NO Rumorosita.


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200 Elias Hanna
204 Sara Price
208 Andrew Entwistle
225 Brian Trotter
242 Austin Jones (DOR-Bruce Swaim)
245 Mark Winkelman
250 John Langley
252 Gonzalo Pirron
266 Scott Biernot
267 Hammond Meredith
276 Gerardo Iribe
295 William Hedrick Jr
299 Charles Dorrance

Looking good and strong for this race


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Honestly I am surprised at the numbers, good for score! We are skipping so we can race 20 other class 5s in Lucerne this month so it sucks to be giving Mcneil boys a "finish and win" race. Good luck to everyone down there.
Pre-run yesterday on my dirt bike, first and last 3 miles are rough, silty and technical with killer up/downhills.

Its going to be a tough 134 mile race, Day 2 its going to take its toll on a lot of competitors.


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Agree, it's basically on the level what would be considered the tougher/toughest miles of the 500/1000. The dust and single track will make it very interesting.